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collectives of social movements, trade unions, organisations and parties, from Eastern and Western Europe, opposing/opposed to war and all neo-colonialism in the world, want to build a network from below, independent of any government FOR

  1. The defence of an independent and democratic Ukraine!
  2. The immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from all Ukrainian territory.The end of the nuclear threat posed by the alerting of Russian nuclear weapons andthe bombing of Ukrainian power plants!
  3. The support of the resistance (armed and unarmed) of the Ukrainian people in its diversity, in defence of its right to self-determination
  4. The cancellation of Ukraine’s foreign debt!
  5. The non-discriminatory reception of all refugees – from Ukraine and elsewhere!
  6. The Support of the anti-war and democratic movement in Russia and the guarantee of political refugee status for opponents of Putin and for Russian soldiers who desert!
  7. The seizure of the assets of Russian government members, senior officials and oligarchs in Europe and around the world; and the implementation of financial and economic sanctions – protecting the disadvantaged from their effects.

Beyond that, we are also fighting, together with like-minded currents in Ukraine and Russia:

  1. For global nuclear disarmament. Against military escalation and the militarisation of minds.
  2. For the dismantling of military blocs
  3. To ensure that any aid to Ukraine is not subject to IMF or EU austerity conditions
  4. Against productivism, militarism and imperialist competition for power and profit that destroy our environment and our social and democratic rights.

At the end of the First World War, the ILO was founded on a universal statement: « A universal and lasting peace can only be based on social justice ». Today, we must add environmental justice and the rule of law: we fight for peace and equality, democratic freedoms, social and climate justice, through cooperation and solidarity between peoples.

Signatories in the US, UK and Ireland

Alliance for Worker’s Liberty
political party or movement
Great Britain
Another Europe is Possible
political party or movement
Great Britain
AntiCapitalist Resistance
political party or movement
Great Britain
political party or movement
Great Britain
European Alternatives
FranceGermanyItalyGreat Britain
Independent Left
political party or movement
Irish Left with Ukraine
New Politics
media and publishing
United States
Oakland Socialist
media and publishing
United States
Solidarity: A Socialist, Feminist, Anti-Racist Organization
political party or movement
United States
Ukraine Solidarity Campaign in Britain
political party or movement
Great Britain

Individual members:

Aaron Amaral
Alex Chis
Andrew Pollack
Ashley Smith
Avery Wear
Bill Young
Brian Douglas Blassingame
Bruce Trigg
Carmelo Mesa-Lago
Charles Post
Claudette Bégin
Dan La Botz
David Finkel
David McCullough
David Perlman
David Turpin
Enzo Traverso
Eric Poulos
Franklin Dmitryev
Frieda Afary
Gary Holloway
Glenn Allen
Howie Hawkins
Jack M. Bloom
Jason Schulman
Joan McKiernan
Joel Geier
Joel Jordan
John Reimann
Kit Lyons
Linda Allegro
Marion Munk
Meghan Keane
Mel Bienenfeld
Nancy Holmstrom
Peter Hudis
Peter Ranis
Phil Gasper
Rick Sprout
Robert Brenner
Roberta Batorsky
Sam Friedman
Sandra McGee Deutsch
Scott Carter
Sherry Baron
Sohini Sarkar
Stephen R. Shalom
Suzi Weissman
Szymon Martys
Thomas Harrison
Tom Harrison
Wendy Thompson
William Keach
Guy Rochefort
Jeffery R. Webber
Ken Hiebert
Marc Bonhomme
Nissim Mannathukkaren
Peter McLaren
Richard Fidler
Vida Cuadra
Great Britain
Aditya Sarkar
Alessandra Mezzadri
Andrew Coates
Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt
Bill MacKeith
Christopher Ford
Corinna Lotz
Don Flynn
Fred Leplat
Geoff Ryan
Gergana Gishina
Gilbert Achcar
Iain Gault
Ian Parker
John Game
Karol Florek
Lara Coleman
Luke Cooper
Mark Osborn
Marko Bojcun
Max Civino
Michael Picken
Michael Tucker
Mike Picken
Pablo Mukherjee
Paul Crofts
Paul Feldman
Philip Gorski
Ralph Berry
Robbie Griffiths
Roland Rance
Sacha Ismail
Simon Pearson
Simon Pirani
Val Graham
Brendan Ogle
Conor Kostick
Des Derwin
Gregor Kerr
Jacqueline Clarke
James Monaghan
John Lyons
John Meehan