Russian General Consul Vladimir Sosnov is personally insisting on the deportation of the rock band "Bi-2" from Phuket, Thailand, in coordination with Moscow.

Sota News

Are there two international courts?!!

Des Derwin

Using Gaza to undermine Ukraine

Jim Denham

Israel pursuing similar goals to Russia – Lavrov

RT News

Redouble our efforts to achieve victory in Ukraine

John-Paul Himka

Russians who fled to Serbia to escape the war against Ukraine now find themselves persecuted by local police and hunted by Moscow’s intelligence community

Story by Lilia Yapparova, Adapted for Meduza in English by Kevin Rothrock

Russia hacked me. The far left smeared me. Now it’s time to fight back

Paul Mason

UK sanctions Russian intelligence agents for cyber espionage attacks

Paul Mason

Give the Kremlin an inch and it will occupy half of Europe

Julia Davis

Beyond Russia: authoritarian regimes and imperialist aggression

Kateryna Turenko

In Newly Released Letter, Ukrainian Activists Declare Solidarity With Palestine

Ashley Smith Yuliia Kishchuk

Hanna Perekhoda on Ukraine: “Thinking about solutions, we must at least not mistake the causes”

Hanna Perekhoda interviewed by Arthur BORRIELLO

Paths for Socialist Internationalism

Promise Li

On Imperialism Today

Howie Hawkins

Hanna Perekhoda on Ukraine: “Thinking about solutions, we must at least not mistake the causes”

Hanna Perekhoda Arthur Borriello

Consistent Anti-Imperialism

Against the Current

New danger for Ukraine: Taking Israel’s side in war against Hamas and Gaza

Isobel Koshiw

Statement by the French Committee of the European Solidarity Network with Ukraine (RESU)


Palestine, Ukraine, Neutrality and the right to defence.

Des Derwin

West ‘closed door’ on Ukraine after nuclear disarmament, says key negotiator
Connected by fate: West Asian Grassroots Solidarity with Ukraine and the intricacies of Russian imperialism in the region

Vladyslav Starodubtsev

A Palestinian View On Ukraine: Parallels Of Occupation And Solidarity

Adeeb Shaheen Fred Leplat

How Modi’s Russia-Ukraine Policy Coopted India’s Opposition

Kavita Krishnan

Moldova: CENUSA: Three scenarios for the Transnistrian conflict settlement

Denis Cenusa

Sudan: could it happen elsewhere?

Labour Hub Editors

Dana El Kurd: “Palestinians are tied to this particular place, like Ukrainians are tied to theirs”

Taras Bilous Olenka Gu Dana El-Kurd

Time is running out to solve Moldova’s Transnistria question

Evghenii Ceban

Russia threatens to annex Georgia’s breakaway regions

Claudia Chiappa

Telling Ukraine’s Story of the Russian Invasion

David Bandurski Vita Golod

Ukraine’s Appeals to Europe Can Alienate Others

Emily Couch

South Africa Hosts Major BRICS Summit as Bloc Eyes Expanding in Global South to Counter Western Powers

Amy Goodman Patrick Bond Trevor Ngwane

The Global South’s Views on Ukraine Are More Complex Than You May Think

Michael Karadjis

Peace Activists Should Be Clamoring for Peace on Ukrainian Terms

John Feffer

The Myth of Global Grain Shortages

Jayati Ghosh

"The populist right and the extreme right cannot be 'tamed' once in power"

Àngel Ferrero Hanna Sarkkinen

‘Ruzzki not welcome’: the Russian exiles getting a hostile reception in Georgia

Joshua Kucera

The Unbearable Manicheanism Of The “Anti-Imperialist” Left

William Robinson

USA: Spinning Illusions: The Anti-American Left And The Ukraine War

Lawrence S. Wittner

Ukraine: Weapons to fight for peace

Yuliya Yurchenko

Ukraine And The World Order

John Feffer

Chile Stands with Ukraine During EU-Latin American Summit

Christopher Stewart

Survey: 27% of Latvian Russians support Ukraine

Latvian Public Broadcasting

Why did Lukashenka invite Wagner rebels to Belarus?

Igor Ilyash

Kavita Krishnan: "Our indifference to Ukraine did harm to our struggle in India"

Kavita Krishnan Commons

Cluster bombs in Ukraine – and hypocrisy in Britain’s Morning Star

Jim Denham

Russia: Wagner armed rebellion an inflection point in Putin’s war

Israel Dutra Federico Fuentes

Ukraine and the violence of abstraction

Tom Dale

Internationalism and the Russia-Ukraine war – the hypocrisy of (some of) the left

Dale T McKinley

The death of nuclear fear


Interview with Kavita Krishnan on Inequality, Leftist Struggles, and Repressions in India

Commons Kavita Krishnan

The UN must step up to avoid a nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine

Taras Bilous

Video interview with Denys Pilash of Ukraine’s Social Movement

John Reimann Denys Pilash

Mearsheimer and social astrology

Volodymyr Artiukh

Ukraine makes Lindsey German distort Vietnam war

Sacha Ismail

The Surprising Pervasiveness of American Arrogance

John Feffer

Ukraine, Lula's peace plan and the global fight against the extreme right: An interview with Brazilian socialist Israel Dutra (MES/PSOL)

Israel Dutra Federico Fuentes

Africa and the War in Ukraine: Russian Money, Wagner Group, and Grassroots Solidarity

Vladyslav Starodubtsev

Ukraine’s Left Fights for a Future Free from Domination by Russian Tanks & Western Banks

Denis Pilash Gregory Afinogenov Nermeen Shaikh

Tobias Drevland Lund (Red Party, Norway): ‘We need a Nordic Defence Alliance that can stake out a third position between Russia and the US’

Tobias Drevland Lund Federico Fuentes

Ukraine: Resisting creditors

Eric Toussaint Sushovan Dhar

Statement of the Anti War Committee of Kyrgyzstan

Anti-War Committee of Kyrgyzstan

Russian mercenaries behind slaughter of 500 in Mali village, UN report finds

Jason Burke

Ukraine: Democratic socialism or barbarism: A reply to Hans-Herbert Kögler

Yuliya Yurchenko

Commons : a Ukrainian left-wing collective intellectual

Commons Patrick Le Tréhondat

“Comrade President Lula, will you leave in history the memory of a leader who says stop to Vladimir Putin?”

Alain Lipietz

Stop the Arms Race Madness

Morten Hammeken

How Russia's Wagner Group is fuelling Sudan's armed conflict

Samuel Ramani

EU: A Trashbin for Carnations, Candles and Soviet Nostalgia

Jurgis Valiukevičius

Is US aid to Ukraine really 'unprecedented'? New studies destroy the myth propagated by supporters of Western and Russian imperialism

Michael Pröbsting

The problems with Ukraine’s wartime diplomacy in the Global South

Chelsea Ngoc Minh Nguyen

Taiwan: “Anti-War Working Group” Reproduces Us-Centrism Of Western Left, Fails To Consider Multipolar World

Brian Hioe

Ukraine, Palestine, and internationalism

Ashley Smith Vladyslav Starodubstev

India: One year after the Russian invasion, what should solidarity with Ukraine look like?

Kavita Krishnan

Webinar with Ukrainian, Russian, Indian and US socialists. “Russia out”!

Ukraine Solidarity Network (US)

Intervening to Undermine Democracy in Africa: Russia’s Playbook for Influence

Joseph Siegle

The Russian invasion of Ukraine: one year on

Choo Chon Kai

The Dark Side of Neutrality

Slavoj Žižek

The Nord Stream Pipeline Explosions: Challenging False Narratives

Simon Pirani

Argentina: The Conflict Inside the Conflict

Martín Baña

France: The orchestra of the blind, the deaf, the amnesiacs, the storytellers and the accomplices plays its score

Didier Epsztajn Mariana Sanchez Patrick Silberstein

Ukraine: Canada must do better, faster, including in arms

Marc Bonhomme

Ukraine: The crisis of hegemony, imperialism and global security challenges

Maksym Shumakov

Panel: Solidarity with Ukraine from the Global South

Bill Fletcher, Jr.

The Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict Is a Product of the Soviet Union’s Collapse

Ronald Suny Chris Maisano

Russia and South Africa: the oppressors make a deal

Bob Myers

Israel’s Strange Ambivalence On Ukraine

John Feffer

Russia: Negotiations? Putin’s word in peace talks would be worthless

Vladimir Milov

UK: The Tories and Lord Palmerston’s ghost

Eric Lee

Turkey reaches out to Assad

Simon Nelson

Canada: Our key antiwar target: the Kremlin, or NATO? A conversation with a friend

Richard Fidler

The Burmese coup 2 years later: An internationalist speaks

Oakland Socialist

USA: What are the Lessons of Vietnam for Ukraine Today?

Stephen R. Shalom Dan La Botz

Anti-imperialism demonstrated in Ukraine

Silvio Prado

Ukraine war: Sub-Imperialist positioning, not “anti-colonial consciousness,” behind the neutrality of reactionary elites in the Global South

Michael Karadjis

USA: Ukraine Aid and Anti-Imperialism

John Carl Baker

Why we won’t march with Stop the War on 25 February

Dan Katz

Multipolarity, the Mantra of Authoritarianism

Kavita Krishnan

Ukraine: The Left View On The Prospects Of Peace Negotiations

Denys Bondar Zakhar Popovych

Ukraine Now Holds a Strong Edge Over Russia

John Feffer

Is Ukraine Going Too Far?

John Feffer

Ukraine wants Israel-style security guarantees from allies and the world

Charles McPhedran

What is the significance of the Saudi oil decision?

Gilbert Achcar

Ukraine and the nuclear threat

Jan Czajkowski

Ukraine: How the Anti-war Camp Went Intellectually Bankrupt

James Kirchick

Moldova to Revoke Citizenship of Fighters for Russia in Ukraine

Madalin Necsutu

One Ukrainian Democratic Socialist’s Opinion On The War

Bill Fletcher, Jr. Vladyslav Starodubtsev

Ukraine: To undermine NATO retrenchment, the left must fight to win the peace.

Ali Khan

Eastern Europe’s Tragedy

Taras Bilous

Ukrainian 'de-oligarchization and de-corruptionization'

Events in Ukraine

EU: The Weaponization Of Food

John Feffer

Exacerbating the Contradictions: the impact of the Russian invasion on the Middle East and North Africa

Joseph Daher

War and Resistance Report No. 7

Marko Bojcun

Ukraine’s Geopolitical Precarity

John-Paul Himka

Military insubordination has saved the world from nuclear war several times. An interview with Hugh Gusterson

Evheny Osievsky Hugh Gusterson

The Wagnerverse: Pop culture and the heroization of Russian mercenaries

Marlene Laruelle Kelian Sanz Pascual

Inside the Ukrainian Resistance

Alona Liasheva Denys Pilash

The greatest source of misinformation on Ukraine

Theo Horesh

The American Pundits Who Can’t Resist “Westsplaining” Ukraine

Jan Smoleński Jan Dutkiewicz

No messing around with nation states