Russian General Consul Vladimir Sosnov is personally insisting on the deportation of the rock band "Bi-2" from Phuket, Thailand, in coordination with Moscow.

Dmitry Gudkov, a politician and friend of the band, informed "Sota" that Sosnov initially sent Thai authorities a "blacklist" of Russian musicians, indicating the Russian government's interest in their deportation back to Russia. Gudkov stated that "Bi-2" performed in Phuket without work visas, having been informed by the concert organizer just hours before the show. Following the performance, Sosnov personally called the migration department to demand their deportation to Russia. Half of the band's 7 members entered Thailand on Russian passports, making deportation a possibility. The band consists of Russian, Israeli, and Australian citizens. In Russia, expressing an anti-war stance could result in criminal prosecution. Gudkov warns that the Russian authorities might use a trial to intimidate anti-war musicians and artists abroad, showing Russia's global influence. He calls for public outcry and pressure on Bangkok, emphasizing Sosnov's significant influence in Phuket due to his closeness to Sergey Lavrov, minister of foreign affairs. Gudkov encourages supporters to bring attention to the situation and tweet at the Thai Government's Public Relations Department demanding the musicians' release:

Photo: Poster of the #Bi2 concert tour."