On Imperialism Today
Howie Hawkins
Hanna Perekhoda on Ukraine: “Thinking about solutions, we must at least not mistake the causes”
Hanna Perekhoda Arthur Borriello
European Left leaders on Ukraine: Not even a hint of solidarity
Murray Smith
Ukraine: Notes from Kyiv: Which side are we on?
Eric Lee
The Left and Ukraine: Anti-Imperialism or Alter-Imperialism?
Rafael Bernabe
Connected by fate: West Asian Grassroots Solidarity with Ukraine and the intricacies of Russian imperialism in the region
Vladyslav Starodubtsev
How Modi’s Russia-Ukraine Policy Coopted India’s Opposition
Kavita Krishnan
FAR statement at the Aachen Peace Prize ceremony
Feminist Anti-War Resistance
The German left debates Putin’s war
Jan Ole Arps Ingar Solty Projekt Revolutionäre Perspektive
The Global South’s Views on Ukraine Are More Complex Than You May Think
Michael Karadjis
Canadian Left Responses to War in Ukraine – a Provisional Balance Sheet
Richard Fidler
Correcting Mandel: Why arming Ukraine is the road to peace
David Gutnick
Summer of anarchism in Ljubljana and St.Imier?
Integration Nightmare
"The populist right and the extreme right cannot be 'tamed' once in power"
Àngel Ferrero Hanna Sarkkinen
The Unbearable Manicheanism Of The “Anti-Imperialist” Left
William Robinson
USA: Spinning Illusions: The Anti-American Left And The Ukraine War
Lawrence S. Wittner
Ukraine: Weapons to fight for peace
Yuliya Yurchenko
The arrest of Boris Kagarlitsky in Russia shocks the consciences of even the hitherto silent ones
Germano Monti
USA: Ukraine and Consistent Anti-Imperialism
The annexation of Crimea and the uprising in eastern Ukraine 2014
Martin Fahlgren
Portugal: Left Bloc reaffirms solidarity with armed and unarmed resistance of Ukrainians
Dick Nichols, Jorge Costa
The strange behaviour of the Left Party on NATO
Svenssons Nyheter
Chile Stands with Ukraine During EU-Latin American Summit
Christopher Stewart
Outrage at pro-Kremlin mural painted in Mariupol by Italian street artist Jorit
Leonardo Bianchi
Keeping to the thread of concrete internationalist analysis including in the face of cluster munitions delivered to Ukraine
Catherine Samary
Russia’s war on Ukraine and the European lefts
Murray Smith
The Italian left ignored Russian cluster bombing of civilians, but wakes up now that the USA is supplying them to Ukraine?
Sinistra per l’Ucraina
Survey: 27% of Latvian Russians support Ukraine
Latvian Public Broadcasting
The US left, Ukraine, and Biden
Eric Lee
Britain’s Morning Star veers even more anti-Ukraine
Jim Denham
Kavita Krishnan: "Our indifference to Ukraine did harm to our struggle in India"
Kavita Krishnan Commons
Internationalism and the Russia-Ukraine war – the hypocrisy of (some of) the left
Dale T McKinley
The war in Ukraine: four reductions we must avoid
Rafael Bernabe
“To Banish the Old Monsters”
Arthur Grand Paul Nagel
Why Australian Unionists should Build Solidarity with Ukrainian Workers and their Union
Lisabeth Latham
The War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Book
Carl Mirra
The Green Party Debates Ukraine
Howie Hawkins
The Peace Movement and Ukraine: John Feffer Replies to Critics
John Feffer
Interview with Kavita Krishnan on Inequality, Leftist Struggles, and Repressions in India
Commons Kavita Krishnan
Britain’s tankies react to Prigozhin’s mutiny
Paul Mason
UK: The Lecturers’ Union and the Betrayal of the Intellectuals
Tom Scott
Will Unite the Union stand with Ukraine?
Sacha Ismail
USA: DSA and Ukraine
Cheryl Zuur John Reimann
Germany's Sozialistische Zeitung gets it wrong on energy and geopolitics
Christian Zeller
Ukraine myths used to justify Putin’s terror
Michael Karadjis
Ukraine makes Lindsey German distort Vietnam war
Sacha Ismail
The Surprising Pervasiveness of American Arrogance
John Feffer
Ukraine, Lula's peace plan and the global fight against the extreme right: An interview with Brazilian socialist Israel Dutra (MES/PSOL)
Israel Dutra Federico Fuentes
Africa and the War in Ukraine: Russian Money, Wagner Group, and Grassroots Solidarity
Vladyslav Starodubtsev
Boris Kagarlitsky (Russia): A plea to my Western progressive friends — Stop helping Putin with your conciliatory and ambiguous statements
Boris Kagarlitsky
Ukraine: Democratic socialism or barbarism: A reply to Hans-Herbert Kögler
Yuliya Yurchenko
Rødt supports Ukraine's fight for freedom
“Comrade President Lula, will you leave in history the memory of a leader who says stop to Vladimir Putin?”
Alain Lipietz
Kremlin influencing anti-war coalition in Germany: report
Zac Crellin
Taiwan: “Anti-War Working Group” Reproduces Us-Centrism Of Western Left, Fails To Consider Multipolar World
Brian Hioe
Building Left Solidarity with Ukraine in Northern Europe
Sotsialnyi Rukh (Social Movement) Ukraine
Kremprop resurfaced: Ben & Jerry’s Founder Is ‘Top Donor’ of Group Against U.S. Military Support for Ukraine
Anna Nemtsova
Russian and Ukrainian activists silenced at Greek MeRA 25 party event
Artem Temirov
Sahra Wagenknecht and her historical revisionism
João Woyzeck (BFS Zürich)
Falsehoods instead of Ukrainian reality: an emotional plague
Vincent Présumey Stefan Bekier
Catalonia: Barcelona demonstrations highlight left divisions over Ukraine
Dick Nichols
Ukraine, Palestine, and internationalism
Ashley Smith Vladyslav Starodubstev
The Left, Ukraine and Russia
France Blanmailland Daniel Tanuro Jean Vogel Laurent Vogel
A reply to the Campist supporters of Julia Lauria, editor in chief of Consortium News, 24.2.23
Allan Armstrong
What Russian Socialists Did On The Anniversary Of The Invasion?
The Russian Socialist Movement (RSD)
The Irish Left’s response to Russia’s war on Ukraine – Debate on the letters page of the Irish Times – Part Two
Tomás Ó Flatharta
Six Ways Ukraine is Winning: How the European Left Marginalised a Transatlantic Red-Brown Coalition
Paul Mason
Ukraine: Some Issues and Answers
LabourHub Ukraine Information Group
Full-scale freedom to Ukraine: A statement from Russian anti-war activists and their allies on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine
UK: Labour left breaks with Jeremy Corbyn over sending weapons to Ukraine
Toby Helm
India: One year after the Russian invasion, what should solidarity with Ukraine look like?
Kavita Krishnan
Russia’s imperialist genocidal and ethnic-cleansing invasion – Appeasing Putin’s aggression will not bring peace – Opposite Messages : Sinn Féin and the Labour Party Versus People Before Profit
John Meehan Tomás Ó Flatharta
A Ukrainian Socialist Lays Out the Aims and Struggles of Her Country’s Left
Ashley Smith Alona Liasheva
Ukraine’s Resistance Still Needs Our Solidarity
Nadia Whittome
Leaders of German left condemn ‘peace rally’ over far-right involvement
Philip Oltermann
Voices from the Front Lines: Stories of Resistance
Siyavash Shahabi
UK: The Ukrainian Question for Socialists
John McDonnell MP
Why Socialist Appeal can't "learn to think"
Mohan Sen
SR intervention on the CPIML congress (full):
Sotsialnyi Rukh (Social Movement) Ukraine
The Russian invasion of Ukraine: one year on
Choo Chon Kai
The Dark Side of Neutrality
Slavoj Žižek
Christian Zeller
Japan: ‘’Denounce Russia’s massive brutal attacks on Ukraine! Crush Putin’s war!’
Akira Kato (JRCL-RMF)
Pacifism 2003-2023: where has the 'second world power' gone?
Fabrizio Burattini
We Say: War on War!
Russian Socialist Movement (immigrant section)
We Say: War on War! Russian socialists on the nature of the war in Ukraine and the delusions of Western “pacifists”
The Invasion of Ukraine One Year On
Fred Leplat
Netherlands: On discussing, negotiating and arms, a response to Kees Stad
Willem Bos
Ukraine and the “neutrality” of the anti-NATOists
Alfons Bech
France: The orchestra of the blind, the deaf, the amnesiacs, the storytellers and the accomplices plays its score
Didier Epsztajn Mariana Sanchez Patrick Silberstein
Ukraine: Canada must do better, faster, including in arms
Marc Bonhomme
The pro-Putin demands of Britain’s “Stop the War” campaign
Brian Grogan
Russia: Muted anti-fascism in the shadow of the invasion
Volodya Vagner
Solidarity instead of geopolitics
Christian Zeller
Netherlands: Why I am not signing the 'Stop Arms Trade' appeal
Willem Bos
Putin can be defeated
Dan Katz
PAX clarifies position around 'solutions' to Russia's war of aggression
Anti-imperialism demonstrated in Ukraine
Silvio Prado
Czechia: Why I won’t sign the Peace and Justice petition…
Antonín Hořčica
Why we won’t march with Stop the War on 25 February
Dan Katz
Ano, potřebujeme spravedlivý mír. Kavan, Hořejší a Stropnický místo něj zdůrazňují naše ekonomické zájmy
Ondřej Slačálek.
Medea Benjamin, the pro-Putin “left” and the far right in America
John Reimann
Multipolarity, the Mantra of Authoritarianism
Kavita Krishnan
Ukraine and the Crisis of the Italian Left
Fabrizio Burattini
Ukraine inside us: the Italian left at the crossroads
Francesco Brusa
FAS Ομιλία για το βραβείο ειρήνης στο Άαχεν
Don't make excuses for Putin
War as a conflict of interest. The attitude of selected radical left movements towards the war in Ukraine
Paweł Malendowicz
Wojna jako konflikt interesów. Stanowisko wybranych ruchów radykalnej lewicy wobec wojny w Ukrainie
Paweł Malendowicz