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Protesting through music: Five of the best Russian anti-war songsA few Russian musicians – most of them now forced to live abroad – are using songs to stand against the war in Ukraine
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“In Russia, we are experiencing shame, voicelessness, and the collapse of all the values”
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Nogu Svelo! – Anti‑War song
Nogu Svelo!
How Russia’s musicians are taking a stand against the war in Ukraine
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No war! No Putin! An overview of Russian protest music
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Russian Rock Star Zemfira Releases Anti-War Music Video
The Moscow Times
Нам не нужна война! (We don’t need war) (English translation of lyrics)
Ногу свело (Nogu Svelu!)
Back, Russia! Back! (ole ole ole ole)
Ногу свело (Nogu Svelu!)