Social Movement (Ukraine)

‚ÄúIf we didn‚Äôt join the armed forces, the left in Ukraine would cease to exist,‚ÄĚ says Taras Bilous

DAVYDENKO Polyna,¬†DOBE҆ Luk√°Ň°, Translation from Czech: Adam Novak

Ukraine: Bilkis, grassroots feminism

Patrick Le Tréhondat, Bilkis

Ukraine: Vpered, a publishing house radically to the left

Patrick Le Tréhondat Vpered

Ukraine: Mazepa, a new voice from the left

Patrick Le TréhondatVladyslav StarodubtsevLes Yakovyshyn

Ukraine: Anna Kuliscioff: The Extraordinary Life of a European Socialist

Author: Anatolii Dubovyk; Translation from Ukrainian: Pavlo Shopin; Cover: Kateryna Gritseva

Ukraine: 7 conclusions for 24 February

Vitaliy Dudin

Self-Organization and the New Left in Ukraine

Emily Channell-Justice

Viktoriia Pihul (Social Movement, Ukraine): ‚ÄėThe normalisation of full-scale war has seen the return of political confrontation‚Äô

Viktoriia Pihul Federico Fuentes

Ukraine: Our Comrade Died at the Front. In Memory of Yuriy Lebedev

Vitaliy Dudin

"Social Movement co-founded the Central Eastern European Green Left Alliance (CEEGLA)

Sotsialniy Rukh

Interview with Ukrainian and Russian Socialists

Vasylyna (Sotsialnyi Rukh), Mia (Russian Socialist Movement)

The War in Ukraine: Agenda for the Left
Life Is Full of Opportunities, and if You Are Open-Minded, Sometimes They Smile Upon You. In Memory of Sasha Kravchuk


Resisting Russian Imperialism: 2 Socialists‚ÄĒa Ukrainian and a Russian‚ÄĒon Ukraine‚Äôs Struggle for Self-Determination

Hanna Perekhoda Ilya Budraitskis Ashley Smith

Ukrainian & Russian Activists on How Putin‚Äôs War Emboldens ‚ÄúAuthoritarian Forces‚ÄĚ Around the World

Hanna Perekhoda Ilya Budraitskis Nermeen Shaikh

The left in Ukraine

Dale Street

Ukraine: Kyiv: Hope In The Darkness

Luke Cooper

In conversation with Ukrainian grassroots collectives

Davide Grasso

Justice for Maksym Butkevych imprisoned by Russia

Amnesty International

‚ÄúPacifism is a privilege‚ÄĚ. Ukrainian leftists at war

Hanna Sokolova

Ukraine: Weapons to fight for peace

Yuliya Yurchenko

In Memoriam: Oleksandr Kravchuk

Ivo Georgiev

With socialists and feminists in Ukraine

Sacha Ismail

Nordisk grön vänster: Solidaritet med Ukraina


Rebuilding Ukraine will require radical economic change

Yuliya Yurchenko

Video interview with Denys Pilash of Ukraine’s Social Movement

John Reimann Denys Pilash

Ukraine: The glass we didn’t raise

Olena Myhashko

Ukraine : Commons, journal of social criticism

Patrick Le Tréhondat

Commons : a Ukrainian left-wing collective intellectual

Commons Patrick Le Tréhondat

Our friend and comrade Mark Boytsun is gone.

Denis Pilash

Ukraine, Palestine, and internationalism

Ashley Smith Vladyslav Starodubstev

‚ÄúNow Ukraine Needs Allies, Not Talk of Neutrality‚ÄĚ

Posle Zakhar Popovich

A Ukrainian Socialist Lays Out the Aims and Struggles of Her Country’s Left

Ashley Smith Alona Liasheva

[Book Review] Ukraine: Voices of Resistance and Solidarity

Richard Abernethy

East wind ‚Äď from February 24 to¬†2023.

Vincent Presumey

Social Movement (Ukraine): Looking back at 2022

Social Movement (SR)

Reply to Gilbert Achcar

Jan Czajkowski

Ukraine: The Left View On The Prospects Of Peace Negotiations

Denys Bondar Zakhar Popovych

Ukraine: 'We want genuine peace negotiations, not another ‚Äúceasefire‚ÄĚ until the next invasion'

Federico Fuentes

A Ukrainian student created a unique drone tracking system

Patrick Le Tréhondat Maxim Shumakov Katya Gritseva

Ukraine: Students protest against the closure of the Academy of Printing in Lviv

Social Movement

Resistance and Solidarity. The Left Volunteer Movement in the Russo-Ukrainian War

Vladyslav Starodubtsev

Ukrainian socialist Denys Pilash: ‚ÄėRussia will only negotiate if it suffers some defeats‚Äô

Denys Pilash

A Ukrainian Left under construction on several fronts

Catherine Samary

Ukraine: The Tsar is naked

Francesco Brusa Ivan Bonnin Denis Pilash

One Ukrainian Democratic Socialist’s Opinion On The War

Bill Fletcher, Jr. Vladyslav Starodubtsev

Report from Alfons, Catherine, Francesco and Szymon

Catherine Samary Alfons Bech Peiró Francesco Brusa Szymon Martys

Resolution: The War and the Future of Ukraine and the Left Movement

Sotsialnyi Rukh (Social Movement) Ukraine

National Conference of –°–ĺ—Ü—Ė–į–Ľ—Ć–Ĺ–ł–Ļ —Ä—É—Ö, Sotsialny Rukh/Social Movement

Catherine Samary

Ukrainian feminists on the front line

Alliance for Workers’ Liberty

‚ÄėThe war has revolutionised politics in Ukraine‚Äô

Federico Fuentes Vladyslav Starodubtsev

‚ÄúDon‚Äôt exaggerate the influence of Russian propaganda‚ÄĚ Ukrainian socialist Taras Bilous serves in the military - and right from there he fights the stereotypes of the Western left about Ukraine (and Russia). We spoke to him

Taras Bilous

The War on Ukraine

New Politics Sotsialnyi Rukh

Inside the Ukrainian Resistance

Alona Liasheva Denys Pilash

Meet the Ukrainian leftists resisting Putin’s war: Interview with Sotsialnyi Rukh's Nataliia Lomonosova and Oleksandr Kyselov

Nataliia Lomonosova Oleksandr Kyselov Dick Nichols

Ukraine: making a war of liberation

Vladyslav Starodubtsev Tom Harris