Russian Left

Ukraine: A People's Peace, not an Imperial Peace


To Not Die as Slaves: Solidarity Zone’s Mission to Aid Russia’s Radical Anti-War Protesters

Ivan Astashin, hecksinductionhour, Alexander Leonidovich, Translated by Thomas Campbell. Thanks to Simon Pirani for the heads-up.

Socialism outlawed?


Russia: Moscow terror attack met with repression, racism

Federico Fuentes

Azat Miftakhov: the end of the court and the birthday

avtonom.org Editorial

Russia: For a Just World/Just Peace Manifesto

Справедливый мир campaign

Russian socialist Mikhail Lobanov: ‘We are sure that at this “election”, millions will cast a protest vote’

Mikhail Lobanov Federico Fuentes

Russian leftists are planning to disrupt Putin’s fake presidential election this weekend

Mikhail Lobanov Federico Fuentes

A Russian socialist explains why Putin killed Alexei Navalny and jailed Boris Kagarlitsky

Kirill Medvedev Federico Fuentes

Manifesto for Sustainable Peace


Russia: Navalny and Us

Grusha Gilayeva

Russian General Consul Vladimir Sosnov is personally insisting on the deportation of the rock band "Bi-2" from Phuket, Thailand, in coordination with Moscow.

Sota News

Inquiry: Anarchists and the War in Ukraine

Ondřej Slačálek, Grzegorz Piotrowski, and Miroslav Tomek

‘My prisons and the future of Russia’

Yurii Colombo, Boris Kagarlitsky

Ekaterina Duntsova and Russian electoral dictatorship. A Thread
Putin is illegitimate
Thaw in Russia?

Russian Socialist Movement

Help Aikhal Ammosov

Russian Socialist Movement

Anarchist Lev Skoryakin kidnapped in Kyrgyzstan

Autonomous Action (Автономное Действие)

Vladimir Putin’s Russia Claims to Be Fighting Nazism, but It’s Persecuting Anti-Fascists
I, Vitalyi, Ukrainian socialist activist deported to Russia

Patrick Le Tréhondat Vitaliy

'Freedom for Boris Kagarlitsky': Activists Globally Extend Support to Jailed Russian Intellectual

K.M. Seethi

Resisting Russian Imperialism: 2 Socialists—a Ukrainian and a Russian—on Ukraine’s Struggle for Self-Determination

Hanna Perekhoda Ilya Budraitskis Ashley Smith

Ukrainian & Russian Activists on How Putin’s War Emboldens “Authoritarian Forces” Around the World

Hanna Perekhoda Ilya Budraitskis Nermeen Shaikh

In Russia, the mathematician Azat Miftakhov released then immediately targets new charges

Benoît Vitkine

FAR statement at the Aachen Peace Prize ceremony

Feminist Anti-War Resistance

“If we want to understand the far right in the 21st century, we have to look at Russia”

Radar Internacional Ilya Budraitskis

Interview with Mikhail Lobanov: “Soon the moment will come when we will change everything”.

September.media Mikhail Lobanov

The Persecution of Azat Miftakhov Is Designed to Silence Russia’s Left

Kirill Medvedev

‘Nobody in Russia believes that he or she can influence any events’

Greg Yudin Julika Luisa Enbergs

Russia: I’m a Ukrainian leftist. This is why I support Boris Kagarlitsky

Andriy Movchan

Aleksandr Cherkasov: The defeat of the Putin regime is necessary for Russia itself

Danila Galperovich Aleksandr Cherkasov

Russia: Why is it important to express solidarity with Boris Kagarlitsky

Russian Socialist Movement

"A simple choice"  Andriy Movtxan

Andriy Movchan

Statement by Russian Socialists Against War

Russian Socialists Against War

RSD: We are calling for an international campaign to support Boris Kagarlitsky

Russian Socialist Movement (RSD)

Why (and how) to campaign for the liberation of Boris Kagarlitsky

Vincent Présumey

Russia: Kagarlitsky and Girkin

Vladyslav Starodubtsev

Criminal case initiated against Russian leftist Boris Kagarlitsky

Russian Socialist Movement

Desertion and political protest

Konstantin Pakhalyuk

Leftist Activist, Kremlin Critic Flees Russia After University Firing

The Moscow Times

'Weapons of the Weak': Why Does the Russian Opposition Need a Feminist Lens?

Alexandra Talaver

Russian Progressives and Antiwar Forces May Find Opening in Wake of Failed Coup

Ashley Smith Ilya Budraitskis

Time to Leave the Shadows: #NoToWar Statement On the Prigozhin Coup

Left East

Russian Anarchists on the Wagner Mutiny


Free Russian internationalist Igor Kuznetsov!

Sacha Ismail

Russian prisoner of Conscience : Igor Kuznetsov

Andrij Zdorov

“What did each of us do to stop this nightmare?”

Igor Paskar

Russian ‘left’ split over Ukraine war

Ilya Budraitkis

From fights with Nazis to a split due to the war. The story of antifa in Russia

Yana Sakhipova

Boris Kagarlitsky (Russia): A plea to my Western progressive friends — Stop helping Putin with your conciliatory and ambiguous statements

Boris Kagarlitsky

DOXA: Russians against dictatorship, inequalities and unjustice

Małgorzata Kulbaczewska-Figat

Ultra left-wing Russian activist who fought on the side of Ukraine killed in Bakhmut

Veniamin Volin

It is wrong to say Russians don’t protest

Dan Storyev

What Russian Socialists Did On The Anniversary Of The Invasion?

The Russian Socialist Movement (RSD)

Happy birthday, Kirill Butylin

Simon Pirani

Full-scale freedom to Ukraine: A statement from Russian anti-war activists and their allies on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine


Webinar with Ukrainian, Russian, Indian and US socialists. “Russia out”!

Ukraine Solidarity Network (US)

Liquidating the Legacy of Revolution: Ideology of the Russian Invasion

Andriy Movchan

We Say: War on War! Russian socialists on the nature of the war in Ukraine and the delusions of Western “pacifists”


We Say: War on War!

Russian Socialist Movement (immigrant section)

Dark Night – Against Anarcho-Putinism
Russia: Muted anti-fascism in the shadow of the invasion

Volodya Vagner

Russia: ‘I sacrificed myself to the regime, but I am not a terrorist’

Solidarity Zone

It is always darkest before the dawn: how Russian anarchists today struggle for revolution

Combat Organization of Anarcho-Communists (BOAK)

Remember the Russians Who Fought Against Putin’s War

Ilya Budraitskis

Resisting war and repression in Putin’s Russia

Ashley Smith Ivan Ovsyannikov

Russian Socialist Movement: War and resistance under Putin

Kirill Medvedev Federico Fuentes

You’re Not Invited to Our Molotov Cocktail Party

Vesna Movement Ivan Astashin Armen Aramyan George Losev

Russia: the time for protest has gone, it’s time for resistance

Armen Aramyan

Russia: What Mobilization Has Done to the Sverdlovsk Region

Alexei Rozhkov

Russia: Mikhail Lobanov: Why Police Raided My Home

Mikhail Lobanov

Call for solidarity actions with anti-war activists in Russia

Russian Socialist Movement (RSD)

Russian society after nine months of war: from indifference to resistance [video]

Małgorzata Kulbaczewska-Figat Felix Levin

“In Russia, we are experiencing shame, voicelessness, and the collapse of all the values”

Ilya Budraitskis Dmitry Vilensky

Strategies of anti-war movements in Russia

Masha Ivasenko

On words that do not save lives

Nikita Kadan

‘I won’t go and kill my brothers!’: Russians set fire to draft centres

Olya Romashova

War and resistance in Putin’s Russia

Ilya Budraitskis Ashley Smith

Russia: List of national anti-war initiatives


Russia: Editorial (Posle) Not a single soldier for Putin's criminal war!


Russia: “Putin Doesn’t Know Any War Except Class War”

Posle Mikhail Lobanov Aleksandra Zapolski

“Don’t exaggerate the influence of Russian propaganda” Ukrainian socialist Taras Bilous serves in the military - and right from there he fights the stereotypes of the Western left about Ukraine (and Russia). We spoke to him

Taras Bilous

Russia: The Anarcho-Communist Combat Organization

CrimethInc. Anarcho-Communist Combat Organization

Russia: Being an Antifa: On Anti-Fascist Activism and Its Fate


Why? Because!”: how an Russian anti-war exhibition was turned into a pro-war event


Russian socialist Ilya Matveev: ‘Putin’s war on Ukraine is not about security, it is about imperialist interests’

Ilya Matveev Federico Fuentes

Russia intimidates indigenous activists at UN meeting


Russian feminists in solidarity


This train is on fire: how Russian partisans set fire to military registration and enlistment offices and derail trains

Alisa Zemlyanskaya

'Russia needs to be defeated': Russian socialists in exile say Putin has to be defeated in Ukraine

Charles R. Davis

Inside the Russian Resistance Against Putin’s War

Ashley Smith

Russia: Students against the War. Part One

Posle All-Russia Initiative PhysTech Against War Viatka Whispers Groza Media Tyumen State University Initiative Group

The Fractured Russian Opposition

Naomi Cohen Ilya Budraitskis

Interview with the Russian Socialist Movement: The Revolutionary Left in Russia on the Resistance behind Putin's Front

RSD João Woyzeck

Opposition current in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation


Russian White Guards in the Donbass

Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski

Russia: “Stop the War” Means “Death to the Dictatorship”

Russian Socialist Movement