Anarchist Lev Skoryakin kidnapped in Kyrgyzstan


Autonomous Action (Автономное Действие)

October 20, 2023

In night between 16th and 17th of October in Bishkek, according to DOXA, unknown people kidnapped activist of Left Bloc, anarchist Lev Skoryakin. Lawyers do not know about his whereabouts. In Russia, Skoryakin is accused of ”hooliganism with weapons”, due to action against a FSB office in the South-West of Moscow with another activist of the Left Bloc Ruslan Abasov. Skoryakin and Abasov were holding banners and burning flares at the office. They were remanded to Butyrka prison of Moscow but released court pending, and they escaped Russia. Skoryakin was arrested in absence in February 2022, and arrest warrant was issued in April of 2022.

In June, Skoryakin was arrested in Kyrgysztan due to international extradition request by Russia, but in September he was released from remand prison due to decision of general prosecutor of the Kyrgyzstan, which refused his extraction to Russia. Since then, Skoryakin stayed in Kyrgyzstan as asylum seeker, and his extradition to Russia is illegal. He also has obtained a traveling document and humanitarian visa from Germany, and was ready to travel from Kyrgyzstan to Germany. He received his traveling document 16th of October, but the very same day ten officials came to the shelter he was staying, presented themselves as officials of the Kyrgyzstan police and kidnapped Skoryakin.

While Vladimir Putin was visiting Kyrgyzstan, Lev Skoryakin was arrested but then released after two hours.

In end of June, anarchist Alexei Rozhkov, accused of arson attack against military enlistment office, was kidnapped in Kyrgyzstan. He was illegally extradited to Russia, tortured and remanded.