Russia: Kagarlitsky and Girkin

Vladyslav Starodubtsev
July 26, 2023

Liberals, Left and Nationalists a few days have hysteria around two RU nationalists, and in fact partners, on the Left - Kagarlitsky and on the Right - Girkin. Big part of the left just ready to self-gaslight itself so much to accept Kagarlitsky...

...As a person who changed and now is “anti-war”, ignoring his consistent pro-Russian views and philosophy justified completely in the concept of “Russian geopolitcal interests”, coming from Samir Amir and others conceptions of multipolarity, his Russian chauvinism and so on.

And his extensive history of cooperation with neo-pagan, Duginist, Stalinist and Putinist factions of Russian nationalist ideology. Including platforming terrorists and war criminals, such as Girkin, to write extensively for left-wing audience.

In the international sphere, Kagarlitsky took the role of most loyal Putin propagandist. He produced the narratives - NATO expansion, RU interest, Donbass revolution - narratives of Russian propaganda - and adopted it to the International Left through org. liek Stop The War

While in Russia he found for himself also a good company: "Kagarlitsky (and Richard Brenner) also took part in the “Global Crisis and Conflict in Ukraine” conference, held in Russian-annexed Yalta on July 6-7, 2014, co-hosted by his Institute of Globalization and Social Movements.

The other organizer of this conference, the ultra-nationalist Novaya Rus, led by Aleksey Anpilogov, held a second conference called “Russia, Ukraine, New Russia: Global Problems and Challenges” to which such foreign fascists as Frank Kreyelman (Flemish Interest), Luc Michel (neo-Nazi Belgian Parti Communautaire National-Européen), Marton Gyöngyeshy (Hungarian far-right nationalist Jobbik Party), Roberto Fiore (Italian far-right New Force), Mateusz Piskorski...

Building a nazi-pink-stalinist alliance for support of extermination of Ukraine. Calling for direct violence and annexation of whole Ukraine by Russia via its proxies — “People’s Republics”

Here you can read his article on the topic:

Russian liberals always were hidden fascists and nationalists in its overwhelming majority. For western left, the problem here become, as I think, trying to find comfort in “Good RU” speaker that doesnt challenge status-quo (like great RU anti-war activists Igor Kuznetsov f.e)

To find a person through who the Western Left can defent its own imperialist reflexes. As we saw - people in imperial centers understand each other better than people of such centers and “non-historic nations”

Another thing is full acceptance of Right interpretation of Liberalism for the Left. Liberalism not in its egalitarian tradition of Human rights and Rawls, but in its nearly libertarian absolutist tradition. As Russiam Human rights activist nearly immediately pointed out:

Alexander Cherkasov reacted in the spirit that it would be better to understand the terms before using it:

“There is an exclusion criterion, consisting in the fact that “those who used violence or called for it” are not included in the category of political prisoners”

If one will think for a minute, one could easily understand that tolerance of people calling or participating in violence is illiberal. Propagandist actions and public agitation for xenophoby of Kagarlitsky against UA is enough to be imprisoned under all democratic norms.

Russian anarchist Left — the part of the Left in Russia least influenced by imperialist ideology writes that Russian Left (meaning left-nationalist coalition NEVOINA, probably) had a moment of “collective amnesia”

“There is no need to talk that Kagarlitsky simply changed his views. First, there was no repentance. Secondly, this is not an ordinary Putinist who has gone astray, but a person with influence and resources. Ideologically, Kagarlitsky contributed to the incitement of the war”

Kagarlitsky also had wide and strong friendship with RU neo-nazi movement and Putinist elites:

“Kagarlitsky, in principle, has always been a friend in the Kremlin: he interacted with the CPRF, was nominated for elections from A Just RU party*. Random people do not receive such protections. There have been many investigations of the his connections with the RU elites.”

On the photo, leader of *Just Russia party with Wagner hammer — after the execution of Russian prisoner by Wagnerite forces. The party that Kagarlitsky had a great history of cooperation

In the end, RU anarchists call: Lets not support people with RU elite connections and friendships with Girkin. As an alternative, they call for support of Crimean anarchist jailed.

“A political prisoner, anarchist Yevgeny Karakashev, developed cerebral ischemia in prison. Now this needs to be covered and thrown off in chats. There are no funds or influential friends behind Karakashev - he is an ordinary activist from Crimea.”

Kagarlitsky was one of the many doors of Kremlin to influence Left establishment on the West - such people like Corbyn, Melencon and others. He is the Left door to Kremlin, he always was. Some speculate that his anti-war position could be resulted because of...

Conflicts of elite and propagandists, namely, around Surkov. We would never know. The fact is that Kagarlitsky is no friend for the Left,never was and never will be. And with Girkin - same — an insanity started by Khodorkovskyi and Navalnyi, the absurdity is through the roof.

One friend added to me that he also supported invasion of Russia into Georgia. I dont know much of his views before Russian invasion in Ukraine and occupation of Donbass. So probably will add the part about Georgia - if I find it, to this thread.

Thats the article of Kagarlitsky actively justifying invasion to Georgia and supporting RU army. The real Kagarlitskyi, and not that “anti-war” person who “changed” (I imagine Putin will also “change” when Russia will be on the werge of loosing)