Russian feminists in solidarity



July 7, 2022

[From Russia’s Feminist Anti-War Resistance Telegram channel]

A feminist initiative group from Ukraine has published the manifesto "Right to Resistance. The authors_underline that Russian aggression threatens the lives of millions of people and the results of many years of feminist struggle against domestic violence and human trafficking, the struggle for LGBTIQ+ rights, equal economic rights and recognition of care work. The difficult economic situation, destruction and violence are seriously worsening the situation of vulnerable groups throughout Ukraine, and what is happening in the Russian- occupied territories is frightening to imagine.

As feminists from Russia we know very well that "Russian peace" carries domestic and sexualised violence, femicide, torture, homophobia and transphobia and "traditional values".

So "peace" on the terms of Putin's Russia is not the peace we stand for. We stand with Ukrainian feminists for a peace in which Putin's army will lay down its arms and the whole of Ukraine will have the right to self-determination. The authors of the manifesto also talk about what international support is relevant to them now. The easiest thing any of us can do is to sign the manifesto and promote its demands. (Attention: when signing the manifesto from Russia, don't give your name, to avoid being persecuted.)