Azat Miftakhov: the end of the court and the birthday

A new trial against Azat Miftakhov is nearing completion in the Central District Military Court of Yekaterinburg. The next meeting is scheduled for 11.00 on March 27 (st. Bazhova, village. 85, judge Kolesnikov A. B. ). According to Azat support group FreeAzat , interrogation of the last witness, interrogation of a defendant, argument, probably the last word, and verdict is not excluded.


In the photo: Azat Miftakhov and his wife and defender Elena Gorban.

Let us remind you that on September 4, 2023 the political prisoner anarchist and former graduate student of Mikhmat of the Moscow State University Azat Miftakhov was detained right at the exit of the colony in the city. Omutninsk of the Kirov region, where he has already served one of his terms. Azat was given only 5 minutes to talk to his wife and parents. Shortly before the expiration of Miftakhov's term, Rosfinmonitoring was included in the "list of extremists and terrorists". Azat's comments while watching a TV show among prisoners about anarchist Mikhail Zhlobitsky, who committed a blast in the archangelical office of the FSB served the new prosecution for "justification of terrorism".

Witness and defense experts were questioned at the last meeting on March 13.

According to a witness to the prosecution Alexei Kostitsyn - the head of the IK-17 unit, Trushkov, Miftakhov's former roommate, testified against him because of Azat's statements while watching TV - Azat allegedly spoke positive "to the perfect terrorist attack" - he did not remember exactly when the conversation took place.

Kostitsyn also stated that Miftakhov did not fulfill the labor standard, however, according to documentation, his words are not confirmed.

The head of the unit accused Azat of "failing to accept the traditions of Russian society - for example, not accepting Victory Day." Miftakhov's question about the responsibility of the concluded Victory Day celebration was rejected.

The court added linguistic expertise from the defense to the case, although the prosecution was against it.

Defense expert Elena Novozhilova said that in the conclusion of the prosecution's examination, the direct ban on using speech in a retellation was violated, the expert analyzed the investigator's speech, and Miftakhov's oral speech was allegedly transformed into a perfect "speech trace" in the witnesses of Trushkov and Gadzhimuratov. According to Novozhilova, the matching sequence of letters in the speech, with the words of two witnesses, can be explained in one of 7 ways - copying from protocol to protocol. "The expert, in fact, has analyzed the investigator's speech," Novozhilova concluded.

The defense witness Alexei Matveev, who studied with Azat at the Moscow State University mehmat, characterized him as a smart, kind, responsive, conscientious person who helped those who found it difficult to study. The referee banned Alexei from expressing words of support for Azat, as it is “a testimony of bias.” In the hall you can hear the phrases "and the linden expertise - isn't it biased? ".

One of the audience who came to the court commented on Rus News: "This is an action of solidarity with a man who is close to me politically, I also consider myself an anarchist. I doubly believe it is necessary to express solidarity in a situation where the case is absurd - that the first case, where he was given an inhuman term, and the second case, which is fictitious on the territory of the correctional colony. "Persecution of anarchists has increased," said Pavel.

Read more about the trial on t. me/freeazat .

Very soon, on March 21, Azat Miftakhov will turn 31!

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