Viktoriia Pihul (Social Movement, Ukraine): ‘The normalisation of full-scale war has seen the return of political confrontation’

Viktoriia Pihul Federico Fuentes

Ukraine: 2 years of war, a Ukrainian feminist point of view

Patrick Le Tréhondat, Feminist group Feminist workshop

Ukraine is quietly abandoning neoliberalism

Luke Cooper

Children of the Occupation: “I Feel Like a Nobody. It’s Like I Don’t Exist”
Position of the KVPU on the Draft Labour Code of Ukraine

Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine  (KVPU)

Ukraine: Odessa, the far right prevents an exhibition

Patrick Le Tréhondat

Several Investigative Journalists Under Pressure in Ukraine
Ukraine: No to the closure of Tauride National University

Priama Diia- Direct Action

"Social Movement co-founded the Central Eastern European Green Left Alliance (CEEGLA)

Sotsialniy Rukh

Russian troops out—Stop the genocide

Never Again Org


Kristina Vejnbender

Ukraine : 3 questions to Be like Nina

Patrick Le Tréhondat Oksana Slobodyana

Every day is a rainy day: what impoverished motherhood in Ukraine is like
The anti-social ferocity of Ukrainian neo-liberals

Olena Slobodyan

The anti-social ferocity of Ukraine's neo-liberals

Olena Slobodien

EU ambition shows exiled Belarus opposition is out of touch

Paul Hansbury

Ukrainian refugees become populist targets in Czechia

Albin Sybera

Harnessing the Nordic-Baltic cooperation experience for Ukraine’s post-war recovery

Dr. Anne Pintsch Dr. Maryna Rabinovych

Post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and the role of the Nordic Countries

Karina Shyrokykh Yevheniia Zasiadko

In conversation with Ukrainian grassroots collectives

Davide Grasso

The Myth of Global Grain Shortages

Jayati Ghosh

Ukraine’s medics are calling for change – but nobody is listening

Kateryna Farbar

Ecocidal corporations lining up to profit from Ukraine’s reconstruction spells deeper environmental disaster

Viktoriya Ball

War In Ukraine Makes Just Transition On Energy More Urgent

Simon Pirani

Another Ukraine is possible

Mike Davis

Insourcing the Ukrainian war-effort

Luke Cooper

Rebuilding Ukraine will require radical economic change

Yuliya Yurchenko

Ukraine: Kakhovska dam destruction is part of the climate emergency

Darya Tsymbalyuk

Ukrainian economy and society: whither the (postwar) country?

Yuliya Yurchenko

Ukrainian manufacturers should rebuild Ukraine, report says

Thomas Rowley

Utility bill hike set to compound ordinary Ukrainians’ economic pain

Kateryna Semchuk

Ukraine: Resisting creditors

Eric Toussaint Sushovan Dhar

The cost of war leaves Ukraine struggling to pay its teachers

Kateryna Semchuk

Marko Bojcun (1951-2023), a Ukrainian Marxist


Marshall Plan for Ukraine? Not only huge opportunities, but also serious risks

Daniel Šitera

‘Aid for Ukraine must not have neoliberal strings attached’

Thomas Rowley

These are the men Russia wanted to put in charge of Ukraine

Igor Burdyga

Ukraine: Victory Over Russia Is A Priority, But We Cannot Be Silent About Workers.

Pavlo Holota Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Experiences that should have never happened again: how Ukrainians survive the war

Alona Liasheva

Exclusive: EU concerned by Ukraine’s controversial labour reforms

Kateryna Semchuk Thomas Rowley

Russia-Ukraine: one year of war – the economics

Michael Roberts

Ukraine and the question of self-management

Patrick Le Tréhondat

Yuliya Yurchenko: From Ukraine’s independence to Russia’s invasion

Federico Fuentes Yuliya Yurchenko

Christian Zeller: ‘Ukrainian resistance has forced Germany to reconfigure its position towards Russia’

Christian Zeller Federico Fuentes

European integration for healthcare: between European recommendations and Ukrainian realities

Olena Slobodyan

Ukraine’s Neoliberal War Mobilization

Luke Cooper

Ukraine’s Postwar Reconstruction Has Big Business Licking Its Lips

Branko Marcetic

Who will Stay and Who Will Return? Divergent Trajectories of Ukrainian War Refugees in the EU

Anastasiya Ryabchuk

Ukraine: No, privatisation should not be restarted after the war

Thomas Barrett

Changing My Mind On Ukraine

John Feffer

Ukraine: A Left-wing Theory of Victory?

Paul Mason

Ukraine’s nurses face brutal winter as health austerity collides with war

Kateryna Semchuk

Together in Trouble: Social Policy for Just Reconstruction in Ukraine.

Natalia Lomonosova

Ukraine’s debts to Western banks are destroying its social safety net

Elliot Dolan-Evans

Left positions on Ukraine's accession to the EU

Olena Slobodian

Ukraine’s energy system: principles for post-war reconstruction

Simon Pirani

UK MPs demand ‘just reconstruction’ in Ukraine amid fears for workers’ rights

Thomas Rowley

Ukraine: no chauvinism in language policy!

Sotsialnyi Rukh (Social Movement) Ukraine

Ukraine: “The practice of self-management is widespread”

Patrick Le Tréhondat Ksénia (Ukraine)

Ukraine’s latest economic reforms threaten workers’ social benefits

Serhiy Guz

Ukraine is not the Neoliberal Laboratory for Transnational Capital

Karen Yamanaka

Ukraine: “The minimum task is to restore, without losses, all the civil, political, and social rights that we had before the war. ” Interview with Serhii Guz

LeftEast Serhii Guz

Russian Fossil Fascism is Europe’s Fault

Oleksiy Radynski

OPINION: Sweden should welcome Russians who don’t want to kill Ukrainians

David Crouch

Ukraine: 52 apartments for IDPs. The gap between housing policy and the shocks of war

Alona Liasheva

Donations worth millions fail to reach Ukraine – sparking calls for change

Valeria Costa-Kostritsky

Bad old days of corruption in Ukraine’s mining sector could be back

Kateryna Semchuk

Ukrainian environmentalist: ‘To stop the war, start moving away from fossil fuels’

Federico Fuentes Mykhailo Amosov

Should leftists campaign for Ukraine's accession to the EU?

Olena Slobodian

The EU’s plan for Ukraine hydrogen exports is colonialist greenwash

Simon Pirani

How to restore employment in Ukraine: an alternative proposal to the government’s neoliberal reconstruction plan

Małgorzata Kulbaczewska-Figat

Ukraine: Censorship and self-censorship in time of war

Matt Salusbury

Ukrainian 'de-oligarchization and de-corruptionization'

Events in Ukraine

Unions sound warning about UK-backed plan to rebuild Ukraine

Thomas Rowley

Ukraine uses Russian invasion to pass laws wrecking workers’ rights

Thomas Rowley Serhiy Guz

Ukraine’s recovery must benefit the people. The West has other ideas

Vitaliy Dudin

Millions were raised to help Ukraine. Where was the aid on the ground?

Valeria Costa-Kostritsky Varvara Pakhomenko

Social Protection in Postwar Ukraine: Time to Change Approaches

Natalia Lomonosova

Ukrainian pensioners: between misery and pain

Patrick Le Tréhondat

Defense And Scientific Potential: What Ukraine's Enemies Did Not Take Into Account