Naturalized and mobilized

Sher Khashimov

Russia: Free Buryatia Foundation declared ‘undesirable’

RIA Novosti

Ukraine could exchange Russian POWs for political prisoners

The New Voice of Ukraine

Lithuania denies asylum to Belarusian human rights defender, Weimar Prize honoree Olga Karach. Authorities argue threat to state security.


‘Ruzzki not welcome’: the Russian exiles getting a hostile reception in Georgia

Joshua Kucera

Desertion and political protest

Konstantin Pakhalyuk

A Russian lawyer stood up for Ukrainians. She was labelled a ‘foreign agent’

Lucy Martirosyan

Russia: ‘I sacrificed myself to the regime, but I am not a terrorist’

Solidarity Zone

Russia: Where the “Motherland” Calls: From Gender Mythology to Political Action

Asya Neverova

It is always darkest before the dawn: how Russian anarchists today struggle for revolution

Combat Organization of Anarcho-Communists (BOAK)

Resisting war and repression in Putin’s Russia

Ashley Smith Ivan Ovsyannikov

Russian Socialist Movement: War and resistance under Putin

Kirill Medvedev Federico Fuentes

Russia: the time for protest has gone, it’s time for resistance

Armen Aramyan

Russia: What Mobilization Has Done to the Sverdlovsk Region

Alexei Rozhkov

Russia: Return drafted refuseniks from illegal prisons!

Feminist Anti-War Resistance/FAS (Russia)

At the root of Russian resistance

Sasha Talaver

Letter from an American to Russian Soldiers as Christmas Approaches
Russia: “Don’t keep your passport at home”

Posle Dima Starover

Mutinies in the Russian army


Is the European Union applying a practical visa policy on Russia? Interview with activist Almut Rochowanski

Almut Rochowanski Daria Dergacheva

Russia: Conscription is violence and slavery

Feminist Anti-War Resistance/FAS (Russia)

Roles flip as Russians become ‘migrant workers’ in Tajikistan (for now)

Karolina Kluczewska

Russia after the call-up: interview with Grigoriy Yudin (Doxa)

Grigoriy Yudin

Russia: Decision

Konstantin Kharitonov

New Russian Exodus: Russians Protest With Their Feet Against Putin’s War in Ukraine

Lisa J Walters Svetlana Ruseishvili Oswaldo Truzzi

Russian feminists help men avoid draft

Irina Chevtayeva

Mobilisation in Russia: a perspective from the Left

LeftEast “Nevoina” (“No(to)war”)

Russia: ‘This is not our war’: Bashkir nationalists create armed resistance


Two Voices from Russia & Ukraine on Putin, Resistance Inside Russia & Their Views on Anti-Imperialism

Amy Goodman Hanna Perekhoda Nermeen Shaikh Arshak Makichyan

‘It's easier to get a visa than to die’. Human rights activist on why migrants should flee Russia now


Resistance inside Putin’s Russia: an interview with Ilya Budraitskis

Eleanor Morley Ilya Budraitskis

About 700,000 people have left Russia in two weeks of mobilisation

Ukrainska Pravda

‘I won’t go and kill my brothers!’: Russians set fire to draft centres

Olya Romashova

Russia: List of national anti-war initiatives


OPINION: Sweden should welcome Russians who don’t want to kill Ukrainians

David Crouch

Russia: The spine of the Caucasus

Fariza Dudarova

Russian Socialist Movement: How is the draft in one of the most opposition regions of the country going?

Alexander Sleptsov

Russia: An uprising of women, workers and peoples

Kirill Medvedev

Yakutia: Help those arrested!

Free Yakutia Foundation

Partial Mobilization: Six Stories. Part 1


Russia: Breakdown border

Лукпан Ахмедьяров

Russia: Putin’s call-up stirs protests, endangers patriotic consensus

Dick Nichols

Draft beer not Buryats

Antonina Asanova Andrey Kaganskikh Daria Talanova

'The only good thing is that they won't grab me off the street' How Russia's mobilization affects women and transgender people

Feminist Anti-War Resistance

Anti-War Initiatives Led by Indigenous Peoples in Russia are Inherently Anti-Colonialist


Russia: Editorial (Posle) Not a single soldier for Putin's criminal war!


Full coverage by Feminist Anti-War Resistance of yesterday's Russian protest against 'partial mobilisation’

Green Left and Links European Bureau

Documents Reveal Hundreds of Russian Troops Broke Ranks Over Ukraine Orders

Matthew Luxmoore