Full coverage by Feminist Anti-War Resistance of yesterday's Russian protest against 'partial mobilisation’


Green Left and Links European Bureau

September 22, 2022

1. FAS–Say no to grave-digging! A nationwide protest. Tonight, 21 September, at 19:00. Centre of all cities


Vladimir Putin has just announced a partial mobilisation in Russia. This means that thousands of Russian men - our fathers, brothers and husbands - will be thrown into the meat grinder of war. What will they die for? What will mothers and children be shedding tears for? For Putin's palace?

Now war will truly come to every home and every family. The authorities used to say that only "professionals" were fighting - and that they would win. It turned out that they would not - and prisoners began to be recruited to the front. And now mobilization was announced.

So the situation is extremely grave. The war is no longer "out there" - it has come to our country, to our homes, to our loved ones. And they must die to right the wrongs of Putin's regime, which has plunged Russia into horrific carnage, isolation and poverty.

The deputies and officials who screamed daily about the need to mobilize will remain in their warm chairs - alive and well. We believe that it is they who should be mobilized and sent to Ukraine - let them die for their own sick fantasies, rather than sending ordinary guys to their deaths.

Vesna announces an all-Russian action against mobilization - we urge you to take to the streets of Russian cities today at 19:00.

We will announce the locations in Moscow and St. Petersburg shortly. In the regions, please advise anti-war initiatives to select venues yourselves - and advise us via bot (https://t.me/vesna_against_war_bot.

Sign up to "Vesna" (https://t.me/vesna_democrat  and turn on the notifications, so you won't miss the publication of the venues!

The protest action is just the beginning. We are confident that the decision to gravely protest could be the end for this government. The country needs to get out now. Everything is in our hands!

Today, September 21, at 19:00

Centres of all Russian cities

2. FAS–Feminist Anti-War Resistance supports the"Against Grave-digging" action


Tonight at 19:00, city centre streets and squares

A partial mobilisation has been announced in Russia - meaning that many men and women who do not want to participate in this war will be drafted against their will and die for the ambitions of Putin and his losers.

One of the most important anti-war protests throughout history is the women's protest and the mothers' protest. Yesterday, Chechen mothers already announced that they will come out in their rally against the war. Today the anti- mobilisation action (https://t.me/vesna_democrat/3630) was announced by the Vesna movement, and we, as a feminist movement, have joined Vesna's call. Many actions are expected, centralized and decentralized, all over the country. We do not want to and will not stand on the sidelines.

We're taking on the responsibility to call for this from all the people from all the different regions of Russia, from the anti-war national movements fighting against war and discrimination on behalf of the national republics of the Russian Federation, which have suffered the greatest losses in this war.

In recent months, we have supported the tactics of numerous decentralized partisan actions, believing that mass gatherings in one place are easy prey. But we also know that protest is a spectrum and that different tactics at different points in time prove important. We are convinced that right now all protest strategies need to be engaged: the radical (partisans and guerrillas, thank you!) and the conventional-peaceful ones.

Familiarise yourself with the safety rules (https://www.instagram.com/p/CKTsaJohgX5/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y) when going to a rally. Don't forget the safety rules when going out to protest sabotage at night.

Putin and his company of bloodsuckers have failed to consider one thing: War is worse and scarier than prison for many Russians.

3. FAS–Chechen mothers are going to rally against sending their sons to the war in Ukraine


Such an appeal is being circulated in local chats. It is indicated that the rally will take place in front of the Heart of Chechnya mosque in Grozny on 21 September.

“The day has come when we must all show our unity in unity. Our children have been sent to war to die, all my sons are in Ukraine, two of them are already dead. I will not give them the rest. If I go to the mosque alone, I will be intimidated, or worse, but if we all stand together and say that our children are not expendable, our children will be with us. Just the statuses on social networks alone won't save our children,” the text reads (translated from Chechen by Kavkaz.Realii).

We should remind you that September 21st is not only the day of mobilization and Putin's madness, but also the International Day of Peace. We need peace, not war!

4. FAS–Leaflet against mobilisation

Stick them on the streets of your cities or leave them in urban areas: let as many people as possible know what assistance they are entitled to in a mobilisation situation! Our flyer contains the contact details of the Conscientious Objectors Movement and the Coalition of Lawyers for Conscientious Objection to Military Service; the link and the telephone number given will provide free advice for you and your relatives.

When distributing leaflets, remember safety rules: don't carry a large printout, wear glasses and a mask, don't distribute leaflets in your entrances and be aware of cameras!

5. FAS—English language coverage of protests and police response

See: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSHRXHexOQWGNNq45NPxCFijYVaTM0Pm-N-yeJqXIfoXOm0dkVr-tAcCkGIE31W6Iv4PMiB0Um6bxj6/pub