Petition against mobilization by the “Way Home” Movement


FAS Channel

November 27, 2023

Wives of mobilised people appealed to all Russians and started collecting signatures for a petition

The wives of mobilised people, who have united in the "Way Home" movement, have publicly appealed for support ( to the people of Russia. The authors of the message write that "there is almost no hope left" and demand the return, not the rotation, of the mobilised: "We will retreat only after our men are home safely (HAPPY, we are not interested in rotation)."

"This is an appeal to everyone, or rather a plea for help. Right before your eyes our tragedy is unfolding that we cannot bear alone! We have knocked on every door. Our state has turned its back on those who first responded to its call for help. First of all, from the mobilised people themselves and their relatives".

The authors of the appeal remind that the president promised not to conscript reservists, but then "the promises turned out to be nothing in fact": "Our men pay for the screen of stability for the majority with blood, and we - with health and tears".

In their appeal, the relatives of the mobilised men call what is happening in the country absurd. They are particularly outraged that criminals who have committed serious violent crimes are pardoned six months after being sent to war, while those who have been mobilised have remained in the war zone for 15 months.

The women are still expressing hope that the president will hear them and promise to withdraw only after their husbands return home. They are also calling ( to sign the petition and send the appeal to Putin's reception centre.