[Page in construction] This page focuses on practical and political solidarity with social movements, self-help groups, feminists and leftists in Ukraine, including those engaged in armed resistance.

Mineworkers union leader: ‘Please stand with Ukraine and help us win this war’
Chloe DS Nataliya Levytska
Resistance and Solidarity. The Left Volunteer Movement in the Russo-Ukrainian War
Vladyslav Starodubtsev
Sinn Féin 2022 Árd Fheis Policy on the Russian invasion of Ukraine – “Immediate Withdrawal of all Russian armed forces”
Tomás Ó Flatharta
Ukrainian workers fight on the front – and suffer from lack of political power
Wojciech Albert Łobodziński
The American Left and Ukraine
Dan La Botz
Ukraine and its people deserve our solidarity – in words and deeds
The Morning Star
Ukraine Resolution of the Central European Trade Unions
International solidarity. How foreign leftists are helping Ukraine in the war
Vladyslav Starodubtsev Zofia Malisz Adam Novak Elisa Moros Chris Ford Mick Antoniw
On words that do not save lives
Nikita Kadan
Anti-War Initiatives Led by Indigenous Peoples in Russia are Inherently Anti-Colonialist
Urgent Financial Appeal To Aid The Ukrainian Mineworkers Resistance
Ukraine Solidarity Campaign
The Response: Wartime Mutual Aid in Ukraine
Tom Llewellyn Yaroslav Minkin Romeo Kokriatski Yosh Joseph Bednarek Ruslan Stanga
Norway left party Rødt MP: ‘We need to stop the war and bring Putin to justice’
Duroyan Fertl Tobias Lund
Belarusian rail partisans who helped save Kyiv from the Russian invaders threatened with death sentences
Halya Coynash
The informal volunteer groups leading Ukraine’s aid effort
Isobel Koshiw
Millions were raised to help Ukraine. Where was the aid on the ground?
Valeria Costa-Kostritsky Varvara Pakhomenko
Why is Ukrainian resistance invisible to you?
Simon Pirani
Ukraine: Is a “Negotiated Settlement” a Euphemism for Defeat of Ukraine?
Oakland Socialist
UK: PCS conference rejects “Stop the War” argument, votes for strong Ukraine solidarity
PCS activist
“The contrast between the two borders could not be greater”. Activists’ account of the Belarus-Ukraine border
Kalina Czwarnóg
Social Movement (Ukraine): What’s going on in Ukraine and why left solidarity is important
Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal
Ukraine: “Humanitarian Aid Alone Is Not Enough”
Ivo Georgiev, Taras Bilous
Practical help for Ukraine
Mark Serwotka, Public and Commercial Services Union
A people’s guide to stopping the war in Ukraine
Andrei Trubceac
Sotsіalniy Rukh Needs Financial Aid
Anti Capitalist Resistance
ILNSS Support Workers’ Aid Convoy to Ukraine
Ukraine Resolution Der Mitteleuropäischen Gewerkschaften
Krieg Und Widerstand In Der Ukraine - Linke Perspektiven Und Fragen Der Solidarität
Daria Saburova
«Humanitäre Hilfe allein reicht nicht aus»
Ivo Georgiev Taras Bilous
«Soutenez l'Ukraine et aidez-nous à gagner cette guerre»
Chloe DS Nataliya Levytska
Ukraine : Résolution Des Syndicats D'europe Centrale
Convoi Syndical Pour L’ukraine, La Solidarité Syndicale A Un Nom !
Union Syndicale Solidaires
Les syndicats français solidaires du peuple ukrainien
Que se passe-t-il dans la gauche italienne ?
Piero Maestri
Journée syndicale de solidarité avec l’Ukraine – 4 juin 2022 : compte-rendu.
Arguments Pour La Lutte Sociale
La fédération syndicale britannique PCS soutient le droit du peuple ukrainien à se battre pour libérer son pays
Laurent Vogel
De la résistance citoyenne en Ukraine
Soutenez l’organisation ukrainienne Sotsialnyi Rukh !
Les cheminots biélorusses qui ont aidé à déjouer l’attaque de la Russie contre Kiev
Liz Sly LabourStart
Le Réseau Syndical International de Solidarité et de Luttes organise un convoi en soutien aux travailleurs et travailleuses d’Ukraine
Solidaires (CM)
La botte russe, une menace pour l'édition ukrainienne - Déclaration des éditions Medusa (Kyiv) et Syllepse (Paris)
Editions Medusa, Editions Syllepse
En cette heure de grand danger, en solidarité avec la résistance ukrainienne, reconstruisons le mouvement international contre la guerre
Syndicalistes Dans La Guerre En Ukraine : Témoignages
Ucraina: la carovana di genere
Francesco Brusa Fernanda Minuz
Che succede nella sinistra italiana?
Piero Maestri
Ucraina, solidarietà e autorganizzazione dal basso contro ogni guerra
Federica Toninello Marco Sirotti Monica Tiengo
Oorlog in Oekraïne geeft vredesbeweging geen nieuw elan
Frank Olbrechts
Solidaritatea stângii europene cu Ucraina
Partidul Democrației și Solidarității - Demos
Partidul Democrației și Solidarității - Demos solicită răspuns
Partidul Democrației și Solidarității
Ucrania – Los trabajadores luchan en el frente, pero carecen de poder político. [Entrevista colectiva]
Wojciech Albert Łobodziński
Debat sindical sobre Ucraïna
Alfons Bech
As redes clandestinas que ajudam refugiados ucranianos na Rússia
RSISL apoia a ida do Comboio Operário rumo à Ucrânia