This page focuses on material solidarity with social movements, labour groups, self-help groups, feminists and leftists in Ukraine.

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Labour movement solidarity

ENSU has launched an emergency winter appeal for the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU).

The appeal is aimed at funding necessary protection and equipment against the bitter Ukrainian winter, including generators, accumulators, power banks, medicines and clothing.

Solifunds, the aid and solidarity arm of the Swiss Trade Union Confederation (CSS) has made a donation of 10,000 Swiss francs (approximately €9800) to this appeal.

ENSU is approaching trade union organisations across Europe to make a contribution to the appeal.

Please make donations to the following ENSU accounts, with the mention “Labour solidarity".

ENSU/RESU account in Euros. Payment to Adam Novak, LT43 3250 0840 1423 8658, BIC REVOLT21

On PayPal via

On Revolut via @adamlg35v

ENSU fundraising appeal for trade union aid to Ukrainian workers!

Labour fundraising (all languages)

It is the working families of Ukraine who suffer most from the Russian invasion. They are not only fighting the invader, but also battling to survive criminal bombardment of their homes and their country’s electricity, hospitals, water supply and transport networks.

It is the workers who also keep Ukraine’s factories, mines, trains and offices running, often at risk to their own lives.

Despite their effort and sacrifice, Ukraine´s economy may shrink even more than 35% (IMF prediction), worsening the poverty that already afflicts millions of Ukrainians.

However, the workers of Ukraine have not been left to face this appalling trial alone. Ever since Putin’s invasion started, workers in the rest of Europe have sent them material aid, through their trade unions and through civil society organisations.

But we are aware that what has been done so far is small compared to so much destruction and so much need.

Now support must increase!

As the war grinds on, Putin’s strategy is to make life for ordinary Ukrainians unbearable, an unending torture of bombardments, blackouts and shortages: he wants to bring country to its knees so that in the face of the military escalation and the threat of nuclear war the conquest of Eastern Ukraine is accepted.

That must not happen! The Ukrainian people’s resistance must have our solidarity and our material support!


Joint campaign of French unions delivers 69 tonnes of food, winter clothing and equipment collaboration with Ukrainian unions and Polish OPZZ (video 6 minutes français/на русском)

The European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine (ENSU) calls for support to all the trade union Ukraine aid campaigns now under way.

As further campaigns are launched, we shall also publicise and support them.

Here are the aid campaigns that various trade union and left organisations and networks are running with Ukraine.

Support them as best you can!

1. Workers’ Aid to Ukraine—initiative of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggle (ILNSS) Information: Make your contribution to the ILNSS’s Third Convoy to Ukraine (March-April 2023) HERE
2. Union aid: support Ukraine mineworkers' resistance—initiative of Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (UK) Information:
3. Convoys to Ukraine—initiative of International Workers Unity-Fourth International
Information (Spanish):
Make your contribution to the account ES64 2100 3459 3821 0022 0515 with the note Ukraine. The account is that of Lluita Internationalista (Internationalist Struggle), Spanish state section of International Workers Unity—Fourth International)
4. Trade Union solidarity—initiative of a group of German trade unionists
Information (German):
Make your contribution to the account DE94 4306 0967 6049 1075 00, with the note Ukraine solidarity.
5. Other
For a list other trade union-based aid campaigns to Ukraine go HERE
Solidarietà (en italiano)Solidaridad (castellano)Solidariedade (Português)Αλληλεγγύη (ελληνικά)Solidarity (other languages)

ENSU is fundraising for feminist humanitarian work in Ukraine

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Social movement (Соціальний рух)

The Ukrainian anticapitalist group is raising funds for its social programmes (labour rights advice, humanitarian support). Funds will support volunteer activities, food, medicine, housing, transport, and other costs of evacuation from conflict areas to safer parts of Ukraine. (Direct).

The group is fundraising separately for its political work. According to their website, “We are building a strong democratic left subject in Ukraine’s politics in times of war as well in time of peace. For now, it’s a question of organization survival as a political force and a future party. We unite youth and workers for building democratic, socialist, independent and inclusive Ukraine! Our people believe that Ukraine needs fair solutions in socioeconomic sphere. Only socialism and progressive reforms for needs of the many could bring the better future for Ukraine. We need your financial aid in order to save our organization and make it stronger.” (Direct, in EUR or UAH). In the Eurozone (in het Nederlands, auf Deutsch). I SEK (på svenska),

  1. Multicurrency bank account: Beneficiary: Yuliya Yurchenko IBAN: GB86HBUK40142801446495 BIC/SWIFT: HBUKGB4121W Name of Bank: HSBC bank Email:
  2. Bank account in UAH 4441114450757164 Name: Tidva Artem Email:

On January 14, 2023, as a result of terrorist shelling by the aggressor country, a combat missile hit civilian infrastructure - a residential building in the city of Dnipro. On the evening of January 15, more than 30 people were killed and at least 70 wounded.

But the consequences of the tragedy are not limited to this. According to the head of the Dnipro regional council, about 400 people were left homeless. This terrorist act can already be interpreted as a large-scale humanitarian disaster.

"Social Movement" expresses condolences to the relatives of the victims and their families. There are no words that can somehow reduce your grief.

We appeal to international leftist organizations for help to those people who suffered from this disaster. Many people were injured and will need medical and psychological assistance, as well as finding new housing.

This is happening at this very moment. Not only tanks or weapons can help people. Right now hundreds of Ukrainians are dying from Russian terror. Helping these people should be combined with demands to governments to increase military aid to Ukraine.

Only solidarity can defeat terror.

Our details:

  1. Multicurrency bank account: Beneficiary: Yuliya Yurchenko IBAN: GB86HBUK40142801446495 BIC/SWIFT: HBUKGB4121W Name of Bank: HSBC bank Email:
  2. Bank account in UAH 4441114450757164 Name: Tidva Artem Email:

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