February 2024 2nd anniversary of Russian full-scale invasion

February 2024 2nd anniversary of Russian full-scale invasion

  • Peace for Ukraine, no to the Russian war! Immediate cessation of bombing by the Russian military and withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine.
    • The widest possible support for and solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their justified resistance to the Russian invasion.
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Ukrainian trade unions, self-help groups, feminist and left collectives, and the Ukrainian diaspora are calling for global support to Ukraine’s armed and unarmed resistance. Across Europe and on other continents, we will be demonstrating our solidarity with them, and demanding that our governments and civil society do more.

Russia’s supporters are calling for Ukrainian surrender, and for Russia to continue occupying the territory it has seized. Their slogan is “ceasefire first, talks later.” They are lobbying against sanctions and western military aid to Ukraine. All their efforts are to strengthen Russia and weaken Ukraine.

Check out the arguments of Ukraine solidarity activists across Europe and North America. Don’t be fooled by fake pacifists and Putin supporters. Stand with Ukrainians at home and in the diaspora. Which way for peace?

The ENSU February 2024 declaration is a basis for solidarity actions in many countries. There is still time for individuals and organisations to sign!

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