Occupied areas of Ukraine

Occupied areas of Ukraine

Ukrainians in occupied territories continue to resist Russian colonisation, forced assimilation, violence and economic pillage. This page presents reliable sources of information, news and analysis, and links to solidarity campaigns.

There are campaigns trying to engage elected representatives (municipal and regional) in solidarity with their counterparts in the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine.

Russian troops attack demonstrators in occupied Kherson, 21 March 2022.
Russian troops attack demonstrators in occupied Kherson, 21 March 2022.

There are efforts to diffuse information from local human rights groups.

There are solidarity initiatives to provide practical support to prisoners and their families.

Please also check out the British initiative on the same themes: https://ukraine-solidarity.org/more-information/

ENSU and friends are organising Zoom meetings with civil society activists active in human rights protection and labour solidarity with the temporarily Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine.

At these session, our Ukrainian friends will speak about what is happening in the occupied areas, what their organisations are doing to support civil society and the labour movement there, and what we might do from other countries.

We are united in supporting the human rights of people in the occupied areas, and those who have been displaced from them, and in calling for the withdrawal of Russian troops.

The first call, on Monday 4 July, was addressed by Maria Kurinna of the Zmina information centre for human rights; Oleksandr Kliuzhev of the Opora civil network; Denys Volokha of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group; and Vlad Mykhnenko, University of Oxford, who comes from Donetsk. The discusssion focused on forced deportation of Ukrainian citizens, including children, to the Russian federation, as well as the “de-Ukrainisation” of education curricula. Maria and Denys detailed cases of civil society activists and journalists, both in the recently occupied territories and Crimea, who had faced repressive measures and violence from the Russian forces. Oleksandr highlighted the difficulties facing Ukrainian local government officials who remained in the occupied territories and refused to cooperate with the occupation authorities. In discussion, Vlad answered some questions on the Lugano conference on post-war reconstruction, which was taking place on the same day.

Occupied: Human rights, democracy and civil society. Monday 4th July . Speakers: Maria Kurinna (Human Rights Centre ZMINA); Oleksandr Kliuzhev (Opora civil network); Denys Volokha (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group); Vlad Mykhnenko (University of Oxford)

The second call, on Thursday 14 July, was addressed by Pavel Lisyansky and Vera Yastrebova of the Eastern Human Rights Group, which was set up in 2014 in the Donbas, with strong links to the trade union movement.

They explained the practical support they are giving to people who have been forcibly deported, and described the difficult economic and political conditions for working people in the occupied areas. In a wide ranging discussion, the role of Russian trade unions who are collaborating with the occupation authorities was discussed. So was the need to support worker organisation on both sides of the front line.

14 июля, с Павлом Лисянским и Верой Ястребовой (Восточная правозащитная группа), а также украинскими профсоюзными активистами | 14th July, with Pavel Lisyansky and Vera Yastrebova (Eastern Human Rights Group) as well as Ukrainian trade union activists

We asked the speakers on both zoom calls what we might do from outside the country. The need for information, that is as accurate as possible, to be circulated, was highlighted repeatedly. A group in the UK are working on this: see here. Other campaigning ideas (passing resolutions in unions, twinning cities, etc) were mentioned.

Ρώσοι στρατιώτες κατηγορούνται για στοχευμένες επιθέσεις κατά των ομοφυλοφίλων στην Ουκρανία
Finbarr Toesland
November 25, 2022
«Soutenez l'Ukraine et aidez-nous à gagner cette guerre»
Chloe DS Nataliya Levytska
November 23, 2022
Mineworkers union leader: ‘Please stand with Ukraine and help us win this war’
Chloe DS Nataliya Levytska
November 23, 2022
In Ukraine’s Just War of Self-Defense, Zelensky Must Still Respect Rights
Stephen R. Shalom
November 21, 2022
‘People in liberated Kherson are greeting Ukrainian soldiers in Russian’: Hanna Perekhoda on Ukrainian identity, language and Donbas
Hanna Perekhoda Federico Fuentes
November 18, 2022
Russian soldiers accused of targeted anti-gay attacks in Ukraine
Finbarr Toesland
November 16, 2022
Russia forced them to fight. Ukraine tried them for treason
Kateryna Semchuk
November 16, 2022
Ukraine: Peace in Donbas 'requires the complete withdrawal of Russian armed forces'
Federico Fuentes Hanna Perekhoda
November 15, 2022
Ucrânia: A paz em Donbas “requer a retirada completa das forças armadas russas”
Federico Fuentes Hanna Perekhoda
November 15, 2022
Ucrania: La paz en Donbas ‘requiere la retirada completa de las fuerzas armadas rusas’
Federico Fuentes Hanna Perekhoda
November 15, 2022
Viaggio a Bucha. Occupazione, liberazione, ricostruzione
Francesco Brusa
October 26, 2022
Politika dívania sa: Dokumentárne zobrazenia ukrajinského východu
Victoria Donovan Darya Tsymbalyuk
October 19, 2022
Two Voices from Russia & Ukraine on Putin, Resistance Inside Russia & Their Views on Anti-Imperialism
Amy Goodman Hanna Perekhoda Nermeen Shaikh Arshak Makichyan
October 13, 2022
Collaborators or Compatriots?
Brian Milakovsky
October 7, 2022
Ukraine: Zaporizhzhia on the brink: How deteriorating conditions at the nuclear power plant could lead to disaster
Zakhar Popovych Denys I. Bondar M.V. Ramana
October 7, 2022
Russie/Ukraine : « La priorité de Poutine est de préserver les territoires occupés »
Ilya Budraitskis
October 6, 2022
Crimea beauty queen convicted of ‘discrediting Russia's Armed Forces' by singing a Ukrainian patriotic song’
Halya Coynash
October 5, 2022
Annexation to armed resistance: the fight for southern Ukraine
Igor Burdyga
October 4, 2022
Russia refuses to return Ukrainian children taken from Kharkiv oblast
Halya Coynash
October 4, 2022
“Leftists” outside Ukraine are used to listening only to people from Moscow: Interview with anarcho-syndicalists in Eastern Ukraine
Yavor Tarinski Anatoliy Dubovik Sergiy Shevchenko
October 4, 2022
Ουκρανικά ερωτήματα
Daria Saburova
October 3, 2022
Preguntas sobre Ucrania
Daria Saburova
October 3, 2022
Questions sur l’Ukraine
Daria Saburova
October 3, 2022
Who rules in occupied Ukraine?
September 30, 2022
For Vladimir Putin, Russia’s future is North Korea-lite
Jeremy Morris
September 30, 2022
Ukraine : non à la guerre de Poutine !
Gauche éco-socialiste
September 29, 2022
“Cozinheiro de Putin” assume ser criador do grupo Wagner
September 28, 2022
Les Tatars victimes de la mobilisation forcée en Crimée occupée
Halya Coynash
September 26, 2022
Referendums D’Annexion Par La Russie: Une Supercherie Inacceptable
Regions et Peuples Solidaires
September 23, 2022
"Now, they are ours". Russia and child abduction, the evidence oftrafficking.
Jean-Marc Adolphe
September 19, 2022
Izioum : les nazis de Poutine
Jean-Marc Adolphe
September 18, 2022
Controffensiva: cosa potrebbe accadere ora in Russia?
Francesco Brusa Piero Maestri Simon Pirani
September 16, 2022
Unions Strive to Keep Ukraine’s Mines Running, Protect Civilians and Appeal for Solidarity
Nataliya Levytska Christopher Ford
September 12, 2022
Ukraine: Relatives sound alarm as prominent activist in Russian captivity painted ‘Nazi’
Thaisa Semenova
August 20, 2022
Ukraine: ’We have orders to live here!’ Luhansk faces Russia’s ‘soft’ occupation
Brian Milakovsky
August 17, 2022
“When there’s a problem, people come to us”
Pavel Lisyansky Posle
August 3, 2022
Ukraine : Comment la communauté LGBT survit-elle dans Kherson occupé ?
Socportal Alena Tkalich Marina Usmanova
August 2, 2022
Ukraine: We Should Not Look Abnormal. How The Lgbt Community Survives In The Occupied Kherson
Alena Tkalich Marina Usmanova
August 2, 2022
Ukraine: Censorship and self-censorship in time of war
Matt Salusbury
August 1, 2022
Do Crimeans await liberation from Russian occupation?
Olena Mukhina
July 25, 2022
The Politics of Watching: documentary visions of the Ukrainian East
Victoria Donovan Darya Tsymbalyuk
July 14, 2022
Texte du groupe ukrainien « No Borders Project/ Projekt Bez Kordoniv » sur la détention de Maksym Butkevich, défenseur ukrainien des droits humains et anti-raciste, fait prisonnier par l'armée russe [ma traduction]
Evguénia Markon
July 14, 2022
Vérité et liberté pour Maksim Butkevitch : pourquoi cette campagne est importante.
Vincent Présumey
July 14, 2022
Free Maksym Butkevych: Russian troops capture Ukrainian anti-fascist activist
Federico Fuentes
July 14, 2022
Truth is only thing to counter Russian lies about Maksym Butkevych – father of captured human rights defender
Oleksandr Butkevych Andriy Kulykov
July 13, 2022
"Le bus avait une inscription " Ecole " écrit en ukrainien : comment une famille de Mariupol a été déportée en Russie.
July 13, 2022
We are all waiting for Maksym: we will hug him and continue making this world better.
July 12, 2022
Макс пошёл, чтобы с оружием в руках защищать те же ценности, за которые боролся всю жизнь
Александр Володарский
July 12, 2022
Max est allé défendre les mêmes valeurs pour lesquelles il s'est battu toute sa vie, les armes à la main.
Alexandre Volodarsky
July 12, 2022
Ukraine: “Women will not be able to forget everything and take the backseat again”
Nina Potarska
July 12, 2022
Discussion with Simon Pirani about Donbass, Crimea, Maidan and Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine
Cheryl Zuur Simon Pirani Charles Rachlis Bradley Mayer Denys Pilash
July 12, 2022
Ukraine: the ‘Russian world’ is militarising children
Simon Pirani
July 12, 2022
Maksym Butkevych, captured by the Russian invaders
Денис Пілаш
July 11, 2022
Un combattant ukrainien, représentatif de la résistance de gauche à l'envahisseur, est aux mains de l'impérialisme totalitaire russe…
Denys Pilash
July 11, 2022
Denys Pilash
July 10, 2022
Inside the Ukrainian resistance
David Patrikarakos
July 9, 2022
Volodimir Artiuh: Rusia nu vrea să cucerească Ucraina ca pe o colonie pentru a o exploata. Pentru Rusia e un război de poziție – să cucerească Ucraina ca pe un post pentru o luptă imperialistă mai lungă…
Vasile Ernu Volodimir Artiuh
July 7, 2022
How Solntsepyok, a brutal 2021 propaganda film, primed Russians for war with Ukraine
Greg Dolgopolov
July 5, 2022
Tragédia ukrajinskej triedy pracujúcich
June 29, 2022
Ukrainians face forcible deportation and conscription by Russian forces
Simon Pirani
June 27, 2022
Inside the Ukrainian Resistance
Alona Liasheva Denys Pilash
June 24, 2022
‘Death sentences’ of British & Moroccan POWs in occupied Donbas show clearly why Russia must be driven out of all of Ukraine
Halya Coynash
June 19, 2022
A pós-realidade de Donbass segundo Sergei Loznitsa
Paulo Portugal
June 8, 2022
Teachers in occupied Kherson refuse to collaborate with Russian occupiers
Halya Coynash
June 4, 2022
‘The Russian empire is failing in its own way’
Simon Pirani Anthony McIntyre
June 1, 2022
Oui, il y a génocide en Ukraine
Michel Fize
May 30, 2022
Notes: Support for people and organisations in the Russian-occupied areas
Minutes: Simon Pirani
May 27, 2022
Putin’s conquest of southeast Ukraine: Vexed questions of ‘negotiations’, gotcha moments and real imperial interests
Michael Karadjis
May 22, 2022
Destruction of signs, signs of destruction
Volodymyr Artiukh
May 17, 2022
Ukraine: Meet the collaborators
Konstantin Skorkin
May 16, 2022
I falsi storici al tempo della guerra in Ucraina. I casi Canfora e D'Orsi
Luciano Capone
May 14, 2022
Autodeterminação e a Guerra na Ucrânia
Taras Bilous
May 14, 2022
Selbstbestimmung und der Krieg in der Ukraine
Taras Bilous
May 14, 2022
«Easter and Kalashnikov»
Maksym Butkevych
May 8, 2022
Autodétermination et guerre en Ukraine
Taras Bilous
May 8, 2022
Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is a Colonial War
Amy Goodman, Timothy Snyder, Nermeen Shaikh
Miti e realtà: sui fascisti in Ucraina, nel Donbass, in Russia, e sulla strage di Odessa / Parte 3 – Il nazifascismo separatista e le false leggende sul Donbass antifascista
Andrea Ferrario
May 4, 2022
Comment des militants des droits de l'homme sont devenus des défenseurs du pays
Natalia Adamovych Olga Padiryakova
March 7, 2022
Message to Russians from a Ukranian Socialist
Taras Bilous
March 5, 2022
Ein Brief aus Kiew an die russische Bevölkerung
Taras Bilous
March 3, 2022
Обращение к россиянам от украинского социалиста
Taras Bilous
March 1, 2022
¿Dónde está la gente de Bucha?
Alfons Bech
Ukraine. La région de Kherson face à l’entreprise de «russification»
Léa Masseguin
Ukraine : l’occupation russe face aux municipalités

Reliable sources of information

The following groups have a track record of accurate and truthful monitoring of human rights in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine

More news (in English) on these themes compiled by our British friends, at https://ukraine-solidarity.org/more-information/