Occupied areas of Ukraine (English texts)

Ukraine: Scandinavian trade unions called for the expulsion of Russian representatives from the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).
Соціальний рух (Social Movement - Ukraine)
February 2, 2023
Ukrainian works of literature and history banned as ‘extremist’ in Russian occupied Luhansk oblast
Halya Coynash
January 27, 2023
Russia: Return drafted refuseniks from illegal prisons!
Feminist Anti-War Resistance/FAS (Russia)
January 9, 2023
Interview of Nariman Aliev by Brigid Grauman
Brigid Grauman
January 3, 2023
Russia promised Kherson it would stay forever. It left chaos behind
Igor Burdyga
December 5, 2022
Mineworkers union leader: ‘Please stand with Ukraine and help us win this war’
Chloe DS Nataliya Levytska
November 23, 2022
In Ukraine’s Just War of Self-Defense, Zelensky Must Still Respect Rights
Stephen R. Shalom
November 21, 2022
‘People in liberated Kherson are greeting Ukrainian soldiers in Russian’: Hanna Perekhoda on Ukrainian identity, language and Donbas
Hanna Perekhoda Federico Fuentes
November 18, 2022
Russian soldiers accused of targeted anti-gay attacks in Ukraine
Finbarr Toesland
November 16, 2022
Russia forced them to fight. Ukraine tried them for treason
Kateryna Semchuk
November 16, 2022
Ukraine: Peace in Donbas 'requires the complete withdrawal of Russian armed forces'
Federico Fuentes Hanna Perekhoda
November 15, 2022
Two Voices from Russia & Ukraine on Putin, Resistance Inside Russia & Their Views on Anti-Imperialism
Amy Goodman Hanna Perekhoda Nermeen Shaikh Arshak Makichyan
October 13, 2022
Collaborators or Compatriots?
Brian Milakovsky
October 7, 2022
Crimea beauty queen convicted of ‘discrediting Russia's Armed Forces' by singing a Ukrainian patriotic song’
Halya Coynash
October 5, 2022
Annexation to armed resistance: the fight for southern Ukraine
Igor Burdyga
October 4, 2022
Russia refuses to return Ukrainian children taken from Kharkiv oblast
Halya Coynash
October 4, 2022
“Leftists” outside Ukraine are used to listening only to people from Moscow: Interview with anarcho-syndicalists in Eastern Ukraine
Yavor Tarinski Anatoliy Dubovik Sergiy Shevchenko
October 4, 2022
Who rules in occupied Ukraine?
September 30, 2022
For Vladimir Putin, Russia’s future is North Korea-lite
Jeremy Morris
September 30, 2022
"Now, they are ours". Russia and child abduction, the evidence oftrafficking.
Jean-Marc Adolphe
September 19, 2022
Unions Strive to Keep Ukraine’s Mines Running, Protect Civilians and Appeal for Solidarity
Nataliya Levytska Christopher Ford
September 12, 2022
Ukraine: Relatives sound alarm as prominent activist in Russian captivity painted ‘Nazi’
Thaisa Semenova
August 20, 2022
Ukraine: ’We have orders to live here!’ Luhansk faces Russia’s ‘soft’ occupation
Brian Milakovsky
August 17, 2022
“When there’s a problem, people come to us”
Pavel Lisyansky Posle
August 3, 2022
Ukraine: We Should Not Look Abnormal. How The Lgbt Community Survives In The Occupied Kherson
Alena Tkalich Marina Usmanova
August 2, 2022
Ukraine: Censorship and self-censorship in time of war
Matt Salusbury
August 1, 2022
Do Crimeans await liberation from Russian occupation?
Olena Mukhina
July 25, 2022
The Politics of Watching: documentary visions of the Ukrainian East
Victoria Donovan Darya Tsymbalyuk
July 14, 2022
Free Maksym Butkevych: Russian troops capture Ukrainian anti-fascist activist
Federico Fuentes
July 14, 2022
Truth is only thing to counter Russian lies about Maksym Butkevych – father of captured human rights defender
Oleksandr Butkevych Andriy Kulykov
July 13, 2022
We are all waiting for Maksym: we will hug him and continue making this world better.
July 12, 2022
Ukraine: “Women will not be able to forget everything and take the backseat again”
Nina Potarska
July 12, 2022
Discussion with Simon Pirani about Donbass, Crimea, Maidan and Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine
Cheryl Zuur Simon Pirani Charles Rachlis Bradley Mayer Denys Pilash
July 12, 2022
Ukraine: the ‘Russian world’ is militarising children
Simon Pirani
July 12, 2022
Maksym Butkevych, captured by the Russian invaders
Денис Пілаш
July 11, 2022
Inside the Ukrainian resistance
David Patrikarakos
July 9, 2022
How Solntsepyok, a brutal 2021 propaganda film, primed Russians for war with Ukraine
Greg Dolgopolov
July 5, 2022
Ukrainians face forcible deportation and conscription by Russian forces
Simon Pirani
June 27, 2022
Inside the Ukrainian Resistance
Alona Liasheva Denys Pilash
June 24, 2022
‘Death sentences’ of British & Moroccan POWs in occupied Donbas show clearly why Russia must be driven out of all of Ukraine
Halya Coynash
June 19, 2022
Teachers in occupied Kherson refuse to collaborate with Russian occupiers
Halya Coynash
June 4, 2022
‘The Russian empire is failing in its own way’
Simon Pirani Anthony McIntyre
June 1, 2022
Notes: Support for people and organisations in the Russian-occupied areas
Minutes: Simon Pirani
May 27, 2022
Putin’s conquest of southeast Ukraine: Vexed questions of ‘negotiations’, gotcha moments and real imperial interests
Michael Karadjis
May 22, 2022
Destruction of signs, signs of destruction
Volodymyr Artiukh
May 17, 2022
Ukraine: Meet the collaborators
Konstantin Skorkin
May 16, 2022
«Easter and Kalashnikov»
Maksym Butkevych
May 8, 2022
Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Is a Colonial War
Amy Goodman, Timothy Snyder, Nermeen Shaikh
Message to Russians from a Ukranian Socialist
Taras Bilous
March 5, 2022