The right to resist: a feminist manifesto

A coalition of Ukrainian feminists published this common statement of priorities on 7 July 2022. These include armed and unarmed resistance, and a reconstruction of Ukraine centred on equitable social reproduction, labour rights, equality and democracy. This initiative brings Ukrainian feminists together. It acreates a strong pole of international solidarity, that rejects western attempts to hijack 'feminism' to promote Ukrainian surrender in the interest of 'peace' for Russians and citizens of Western Europe.

We recommend this video and transcript of an interview with Oksana Dutchak of Commons magazine, as well as this solidarity statement from the Russian Feminist Anti-War Resistance (FAS).

More than 839 people and 73 organizations have signed (24 October). See the list on Спільне/Commons in English, Ukrainian and Russian.


Feminist manifesto: all languages

You can read the manifesto in various languages here, and sign it here. Please contact us if you can help translate and circulate this manifesto, .

Right to Resist manifesto: all languages
Right to Resist manifesto: all languages
Ukrainian Feminist: We Need Western Solidarity in Fighting Russian Imperialism
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