Occupied areas of Ukraine

Occupied areas of Ukraine

Ukrainians in occupied territories continue to resist Russian colonisation, forced assimilation, violence and economic pillage. This page presents reliable sources of information, news and analysis, and links to solidarity campaigns.

There are campaigns trying to engage elected representatives (municipal and regional) in solidarity with their counterparts in the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine.

Russian troops attack demonstrators in occupied Kherson, 21 March 2022.
Russian troops attack demonstrators in occupied Kherson, 21 March 2022.

There are efforts to diffuse information from local human rights groups.

There are solidarity initiatives to provide practical support to prisoners and their families.

Please also check out the British initiative on the same themes: https://ukraine-solidarity.org/more-information/

Occupied: Human rights, democracy and civil society. Monday 4th July . Speakers: Maria Kurinna (Human Rights Centre ZMINA); Oleksandr Kliuzhev (Opora civil network); Denys Volokha (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group); Vlad Mykhnenko (University of Oxford)

14 июля, с Павлом Лисянским и Верой Ястребовой (Восточная правозащитная группа), а также украинскими профсоюзными активистами | 14th July, with Pavel Lisyansky and Vera Yastrebova (Eastern Human Rights Group) as well as Ukrainian trade union activists

Reliable sources of information

The following groups have a track record of accurate and truthful monitoring of human rights in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine

For a comprehensive overview, we recommend consulting the latest OSCE report on violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, war crimes and crimes against humanity 24 Feb-12 April. For information on the temporarily Russian-occupied territories see Section E.5, pages 18-25

More news (in English) on these themes compiled by our British friends, at https://ukraine-solidarity.org/more-information/