European network for solidarity with Ukraine

European network for solidarity with Ukraine

Ukraine 101: key arguments for activists

Daria Saburova provides facts and arguments for solidarity: English, français, Castellano, Portugues, Svensk, Ελληνικά.

The Ukrainian left today

Denis Pilash explains developments since the ‘Maidan’: (English, Italiano)

More on the Ukrainian left in your language here.


Our campaign page for activist Prisoners of War.

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Manifesto and members

Austrian government helps Russian energy company sue Ukraine

Ukraine has seized the assets of AMIC Energy, one of Ukraine's biggest fuel retailers.

The Austrian government is supporting this Russian-linked Austrian private equity company in its effort to sue Ukraine, using the Energy Charter Treaty.

Use this tool to write to the Austrian government now!

[Another Europe is Possible]

Global energy crisis

A Ukrainian view of solidarity activists

Vladyslav Starodubtsev of Social Movement presents some of the networks working with the Ukrainian left and feminist movements.

Open Europe’s borders for Russians refusing military service!

Sign our petition! Each refugee who refuses to fight in Ukraine weakens Russia’s war effort.

More news in more languages on war refusers, Russia’s feminist anti war resistance, and anti-war sabotage actions inside Russia and Belarus.


The right to resist: a feminist manifesto

Read in your language and sign here. Feminist news here.

Defend abortion rights of Ukrainian women in Poland and all Europe!

Read our petition (English, français). Sign it.

Solidarity news and analysis

ENSU collects, translates and distributes texts and videos by and about social movements in Ukraine, the struggle against the Russian invader, solidarity movements in other countries, and the anti-war resistance in Russia and Belarus. The sections above provide multi-language coverage. The sections below present all the texts we have published in each of our network’s working languages.