The left in the Russian Federation

ENSU joins the global solidarity with Russian antifascists on January 19 under the slogans: No to Putin's war, fascism and dictatorship! Freedom to all Russian political prisoners! Solidarity with to Russian antifascists! To remember is to fight! ENSU members vote to endorse this RSD declaration.

The left in Russia (English texts)
La gauche en Russie (en français)
Die Linke in Russland (auf Deutsch)
De linkerzijde in Rusland (in het Nederlands)
La izquierda en Rusia (en castellano)
La sinistra in Russia (en italiano)
Η Αριστερά στη Ρωσία (στα ελληνικά)
Stânga în Rusia
The Left in Russia (other languages)
Debates over the proper approach to the Russo-Ukrainian War have dominated much of the year. Yet discussions within the western left have not always featured the perspectives of Ukrainians and Russians themselves. The Real News Network board member Bill Fletcher, in partnership with Haymarket Books, hosts a panel with Ukrainian and Russian academics.
Russian Socialist Movement (RSD) Call for solidarity with Russian antifascists
Solidarity call RSD (all languages)
For over a decade, Russian antifascists have commemorated January 19 as their day of solidarity. This is the date when in 2009, in the center of Moscow, the human rights and leftist activist Stanislav Markelov and the journalist and anarchist Anastasia Baburova were gunned down by neo-Nazis.
The murder of Markelov and Baburova became the culmination of the ultra-right terror of the 2000s, which killed hundreds of migrants and dozens of anti-fascists. For many years, while it was still possible, Russian activists held antifascist demonstrations and rallies on January 19 under the slogan "To remember is to fight!"
Today, when the Putin regime has invaded Ukraine and unleashed unprecedented repression against its own citizens who oppose the war, the date of January 19 takes on a new meaning. Back then the danger was posed by neo-Nazi groups, often acting with the connivance of the authorities.
Today, the ideology and practice of right-wing radicals have become the ideology and practice of the Russian regime itself, which is rapidly turning fascist over the course of its invasion of Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin is waging war not only against the Ukrainian people, but also against the Russian civil society resisting aggression. The brutal repressions hit, among other things, the left-wing movement: socialists, anarchists, feminists, labor unionists.
Before the New Year, the most famous left–wing politician in Russia, the democratic socialist Mikhail Lobanov, was arrested and beaten. The platform "Nomination" he created united the anti-war opposition in the municipal elections in Moscow in September 2022.
Kirill Ukraintsev, the leader of the Courier labor union and a well-known left-wing video blogger, has been in custody since April. The reason for the arrest were the protests and strikes the couriers organized as they sought to improve their working conditions.
A feminist, artist and anti-war activist Alexandra Skochilenko, who distributed anti-war symbols, faces a long prison term.
Six Anarchists – Kirill Brik, Deniz Aydin, Yuri Neznamov, Nikita Oleinik, Roman Paklin, Daniil Chertykov – were arrested in the so-called "Tyumen case." They were brutally tortured, seeking confessions in the preparation of sabotage.
Daria Polyudova, an activist of the Left Resistance group, was recently sentenced to nine (!) years in prison for "calls to extremism." Leftist journalist Igor Kuznetsov has been in prison for a year now, accused of “extremism” for his anti-war and anti-Putin views.
This is a far from exhaustive list of Russian leftists recently imprisoned or persecuted for their beliefs. As Russian activists forced to leave Russia for political reasons, we ask our foreign comrades and all those who care to support the antifascist action on January 19 under the slogans:
No to Putin's war, fascism and dictatorship!
Freedom to all Russian political prisoners!
Solidarity with to Russian antifascists!
To remember is to fight! Please send information about any solidarity actions during the week of January 19-24 – pickets, open meetings, online discussions, and even personal photos with posters – by e-mail to:

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