Ukraine Labour law reform campaign

President Zelinskyy must veto anti-worker Laws 5161 and 5371 now!

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, fighting a brutal invasion by Putin’s Russia.  We wish their people’s resistance victory over this criminal aggression.

However, it is with dismay that we learn--right in the middle of their life-and-death struggle—that Ukraine’s working people have come under attack on a second front: laws attacking their labour rights and working conditions have been passing through the Ukrainian parliament.

The latest and worst of these, Laws 5371 and 5161, were adopted on July 19.


This petition [see below for other languages] explains how the Laws would destroy Ukrainian workers’ rights and working conditions if they were allowed to come into effect.

They would legalise extremes of exploitation in Ukraine that would also endanger workers’ rights across the whole of Europe.

One man has the power to stop this disastrous legislation—President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He can ratify the laws or veto them.

Since it is vital that Laws 5161 and 5371 not be ratified, this petition calls on President Zelensky to stand with Ukraine’s workers by exercising his presidential veto on both laws.

They must be replaced with measures which would increase the security of workers and enable them and their families to survive the devastation of war and build a new and stronger Ukraine.

Demand that President Zelenskyy act! Sign the petition here! Send it to your networks!

Please write to for more information about our labour campaigns.

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