Russia: List of national anti-war initiatives

September 29, 2022

The most powerful anti-war protests in Russia are organised by national and women’s movements.

Protests against the war and mobilisation are taking place in Dagestan and Sakha and today, women from Tuva will also take to the Arata square at 17:00 ( .

We have compiled for you a list of national anti-war initiatives which speak out not only against the war but also against discrimination against members of ethnic groups, against Russian nationalism and colonialism.

The Russian authorities will not be able to gain real support of the peoples of Russia in this criminal war. Support the national movements, follow them, join them!

Sakha against the war ( Chuvashia is against the war (

Bashkortostan is against the war ( )

Dagestan against the war ( Udmurtia against the war (