Ukraine Resolution of the Central European Trade Unions



October 17, 2022

To the President of Ukraine To the Prime Minister of Ukraine To the Ukrainian Ambassadors of Central Europe To the Governments of Central Europe

The trade union confederations of Central Europe discussed the situation in Ukraine at a meeting in September 2022. We expressed our full solidarity with the Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. The support of our trade unions in this regard is not only in words, but also through numerous concrete aid measures that have been and are still being implemented for the benefit of the people of the Ukraine. The Russian attack on the country has been strongly condemned by us since the first day of the war.

Of course, we understand that due to the war, everyday life in Ukraine has had to be restricted with many measures. However, together with our Ukrainian colleagues, the European Trade Union Confederation, and the International Trade Union Confederation, we strongly reject the latest legal changes to the labour law in the Ukraine and the apparent expropriation of trade union property. It is precisely the workers who are the backbone of a country in a war, and it is precisely these people who are working heroically in the hinterlands who are now having their already deficient labour rights further restricted for no reason. This decision is incomprehensible to us and is rightly criticised by the International Labour Organisation and the European Union.

The Ukraine is a candidate for admission to the EU, but the way to this European community of values is not through the increased exploitation of working people, but through the hearts of Ukrainians. We therefore hope that Ukraine will revoke Law No. 5371 (under wartime conditions) and bring the labour law into line with ILO and EU standards. The working people deserve to be taken seriously by their politicians, especially in the Ukraine. Knowing their duties, especially in the crisis, the people also expect the rights they are entitled to.

In solidarity with the workers of Ukraine as well as with the Ukrainian trade unions

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