Sotsіalniy Rukh Needs Financial Aid

Sotsіalnyi Rukh (Social Movement) is an organisation of the anti-capitalist left fighting for an independent, inclusive and social Ukraine and they need our financial support. Please give generously if you can.

Sotsіalnyi Rukh (Social Movement) is an organisation of the anti-capitalist left fighting for an independent, inclusive and social Ukraine. It emerged from the Assembly of Social Revolution, established in 2014, during the Euromaidan protests, by activists from various socialist and anti-Stalinist communist currents. It consolidated as a political organisation in 2016 and it has since aspired to be recognised as a political party. Its aim is to overthrow the oligarchic capitalist system in Ukraine and replace it with democratic socialism. Radically leftist and anti-capitalist, the members of Sotsіalniy Rukh fight against patriarchy, racism and discrimination on the basis of nationality and language. They defend the socialisation of industry, collective ownership of the means of production, the democratisation of workplaces and public life, open bookkeeping, the welfare state, decentralisation, LGBTQI+ rights and radical ecology.

Sotsіalniy Rukh is a key organisation for the Ukrainian radical left

Established in the cities of Kryvyi Rih, Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Khmelnytskyi, Bila Tserkva and Lutsk, Sotsialnyi Rukh activists are very active in the trade union movement and participate in the student, feminist, environmental, anti-fascist, anti-racist, LGBTQI+ social movements, among others. They have played an important role in the main struggles of the last few years, such as the 350km march of the physicians from Romny in 2016, the struggles of transportation workers in Kyiv in 2017, the strikes and protests of Kryvyi Rih workers for wage increases in 2017 and 2018, the social movement of healthcare workers in 2019 or the strike of Kryvii miners in 2020.

They also carry out vital research work on different topics (particularly offshoring) and important popular education work throughout the country via conferences, courses and people’s universities.

Sotsіalniy Rukh needs financial aid

Since the beginning of the Russian imperialist aggression in Ukraine, the activists of Sotsialnyi Rukh have been actively participating in the resistance while continuing to denounce the neoliberal policies of the current Ukrainian regime.

As a result of this situation, the organisation is in financial difficulty and its aspiration of becoming a party becomes less attainable. Indeed, in order to be recognised as a political party in Ukraine, it is necessary to collect 10,000 signatures, which they already have, but also to pay 336,000 hryvnias (about £8900, the equivalent of 51.6 minimum wages in Ukraine). Moreover, With the war, the organization also bears the responsibility of housing and supporting its members who lost their jobs or homes, which makes political work a lot harder.

Sotsіalniy Rukh represents real hope for the Ukrainian left. Sotsialnyi Rukh is the only organisation of the anti-capitalist radical left that aspires to become a political party. It is therefore a major political player in the construction of a radical left position in Ukraine.

In this context, it is our duty, as radical left activists and internationalists, convinced of the need to strengthen the left within the Ukrainian resistance, to show our solidarity with Sotsіalniy Rukh and help them to get bigger and stronger in order to increase the radical left forces within the Ukrainian resistance. It is essential that such an organisation is present, strong and legitimate at the end of the war to challenge the current regime.

To support Sotsialniy Rukh please see this link