ILNSS Support Workers’ Aid Convoy to Ukraine

Between April and May, the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles convoy to Ukraine will strengthen class resistance in the country against the Russian invasion. The initiative aims to advance our internationalist support, in a closer and more practical way, with trade union delegations from Network member organisations.

The exact dates are yet to be defined, but we will take advantage of the presence of more than 200 trade unionists from the 4th Network meeting in Dijon (France) to organise this concrete solidarity action. The convoy will leave around 26 April and return after 1 May.

The decision to send this international delegation is based on numerous conversations with the independent trade union members from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. It is only possible because several organisations that are part of the Network have been actively involved in defending the Ukrainian people against the Russian invasion since the attacks began on 24 February.

Active solidarity is needed

We will be organising this Workers’ Aid Convoy with the conviction that we must resume the internationalist class struggle, supporting the workers who are facing Putin’s military offensive and its consequences. In conversations with trade unionists in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, we have talked a lot about the logistical difficulties in this harsh period of confrontation with the Russian army and have been keen to hear what the most urgent needs are of those on the ground.

According to reports from those who have stayed in Ukraine, emergency items are for adults, but people in other age groups need many things, such as baby food and toys. Many women remain in the country because they have decided to take part in the struggle, not to abandon their companions and/or to take care of the elderly or children left behind. They are surviving with difficulty, in conditions of shortage of food, medicine, water, energy and gas. And it is in this alarming context that we must go beyond and affirm solidarity with the working class, people like us, who with few resources seek to maintain a firm resistance against the invaders.

How to support financially

Solidaires (France), CSP-Conlutas (Brazil) and Inicjatywa Pracownicza (Poland), ADL Cobas (Italy) and G1PS (Lithuania) will finance the logistics of the donations, which will be purchased according to the needs of the Ukrainian working class. Inside the country, the convoy will meet personally with trade union contacts and actions will be organised in an appropriate way.

If you or your organization want to contribute, just transfer the money directly to Inicjatywa Pracownicza, with the following details:

Ogólnopolski Związek Zawodowy Inicjatywa Pracownicza

Kościelna 4 street, 60-538 Poznań

Volkswagen Bank direct


IBAN PL88 2130 0004 2001 0577 6570 0001

  • Support the resistance of the Ukrainian people!
  • End the Russian military occupation in Ukraine; for peace!
  • International solidarity with all those in Russia who refuse the war and the dictatorial regime.
  • Solidarity with the pro-democracy movements in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
  • For a non-discriminatory reception of all refugees from Ukraine, and from other places (Africa, Asia,...) who also suffer from the conflicts created by the imperialist countries.
  • For a free and sovereign Ukraine, where workers’ rights are respected.
  • Abolition of debts, out of the clutches of the IMF! It is not the workers who have to pay for this imperialist war.
  • Against the nuclear threat. For nuclear disarmament worldwide.

Will be present for this first convoy of comrades from :

OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza | CSP-Conlutas |Union Syndicale Solidaires | ADL Cobas | G1PS | Workers Aid (Int) | Sotsyalnyi Rukh

The member organisations of the International Trade Union Solidarity and Struggle Network

Organisations syndicales nationales interprofessionnelles

  • Central Sindical e Popular Conlutas (CSP-Conlutas) - Brésil.
  • Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) - Etat espagnol.
  • Union syndicale Solidaires (Solidaires) - France.
  • Confederazione Unitaria di Base (CUB) - Italie.
  • Confédération Générale Autonome des Travailleurs en Algérie (CGATA) - Algérie.
  • Ogólnopolski Związek Zawodowy Inicjatywa Pracownicza (OZZ IP) - Pologne.
  • Confederación Intersindical (Intersindical) - Etat espagnol.
  • Sindacato Intercategoriale Cobas (SI COBAS) - Italie.
  • Confédération Nationale de Travailleurs du Sénégal Forces du Changement (CNTS/FC) – Sénégal
  • Batay Ouvriye - Haïti.
  • Unione Sindacale Italiana (USI) - Italie.
  • Confédération Nationale des Travailleurs - Solidarité Ouvrière (CNT SO) - France.
  • Intersindical Alternativa de Catalunya (IAC) - Catalogne.
  • Union Générale des Travailleurs Sahraouis en Saguia El Hamra et Rio de Oro (UGTSARIO) - Sahara occidental.
  • Sindicato Autorganizzato Lavorator COBAS (SIAL-COBAS) - Italie.
  • General Federation of Independent Unions (GFIU) - Palestine.
  • Confederación de la Clase Trabajadora (CCT) - Paraguay. Red Solidaria de Trabajadores - Pérou
  • Union Syndicale Progressiste des Travailleurs du Niger (USPT) - Niger.
  • Unión Nacional para la Defensa de la Clase Trabajadora (UNT) - El Salvador.
  • Solidaridad Obrera (SO) - Etat espagnol.
  • Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) - Grande-Bretagne.
  • Centrale Démocratique des Travailleurs de Martinique (CDMT) – Martinique.
  • Associazione Diritti Lavoratori Cobas (ADL COBAS) – Italie
  • Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) – Pakistan
  • Organisation Démocratique Syndicale des Travailleurs de Centrafrique (ODSTC) – Centrafrique.
  • Palestine New Federation of Trade Unions (New Unions) – Palestine.
  • Intersindical - Confederació Sindical Catalana (Intersindical-CSC) – Catalogne.
  • União Nacional dos Trabalhadores de Cabo Verde – Central Sindical (UNTC-CS) – Cap Verde.
  • All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU) – Pakistan.

Organisations syndicales nationales professionnelles

  • Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores del Sistema Agroalimentario (SINALTRAINAL/CUT) - Colombie.
  • Syndicat national des travailleurs des services de la santé humaine (SYNTRASEH) - Bénin
  • Sindicat dos Trabalhadores da Fiocruz (ASFOC-SN) - Brésil.
  • Union Nationale des Normaliens d’Haïti (UNNOH) - Haïti.
  • Confederazione Unitaria di Base Scuola Università Ricerca (CUB SUR) - Italie.
  • Syndicat des travailleurs du rail – Centrale Démocratique des Travailleurs du Mali (SYTRAIL/CDTM) – Mali.
  • Amazones du rail ( Mali).
  • Syndicat des Travailleurs des Grands Trains du Sénégal (STGTS) - Sénégal.
  • Organisation Démocratique du Rail (ODR) – Maroc.
  • Palestinian Postal Service Workers Union (PPSWU) - Palestine.
  • Union Syndicale Etudiante (USE) - Belgique.
  • Sindicato dos Trabalhadores de Call Center (STCC) - Portugal.
  • Sindicato Unitario de Trabajadores Petroleros (Sinutapetrolgas) - Venezuela.
  • Alianza de Trabajadores de la Salud y Empleados Publicos - Mexique.
  • Syndicat Autonome des Postiers - SYNDIBASI (SAP-SYNDIBASI) - Suisse.
  • Federación nacional de trabajadores de la educación (SUTE-Chili) - Chili.
  • Plateforme Nationale des organisations professionnelles du secteur public - Côte d’Ivoire.
  • Centrale Générale des Services Publics FGTB, Cheminots (CGSP/FGTB Cheminots) - Belgique.
  • Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) - Botswana.
  • Organisation Démocratique des Cheminots Libres (ODSL) – Maroc.
  • Federacao Nacional dos Trabalhadores em Transportes Aéros do Brasil (FNTTA) - Brésil.
  • Federação Nacional dos Metroviários (FENAMETRO) - Brésil.
  • Namibia Football Players Union (NAFPU) – Namibie.
  • Palestinian Electricians’ Trade Union (PETU) – Palestine.
  • Missão Publica Organizada – Portugal.
  • Syndicat National des Travailleurs du Secteur Industriel du Togo (SYNATSITO) – Togo.
  • Sindicato independiente de Trabajadoras del Hogar y los Cuidados (SINTRAHOCU) – Etat espagnol.
  • Sindicato dos Trabalhadores do Sector Automóvel (STASA) – Portugal.
  • Sindicato Nacional de Motoristas de Matérias Perigosas - Casa Sindical (SNMMP) – Portugal.
  • Sindicato de Todos os Profissionais da Educação (STOP) – Portugal.

Organisations syndicales locales

  • سندیکای کارگران شرکت واحد اتوبوسرانی تهران و حومه (واحد)- Syndicat des travailleurs du transport de Téhéran et sa banlieue (Vahed) – Iran.
  • Asociación Gremial de Trabajadores del Subterráneo y Premetro, Buenos Aires - Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina de los trabajadores (SUBTE/CTAt) – Argentine.
  • Trades Union Congress, Liverpool (TUC Liverpool) - Angleterre.
  • Sindicato Único de Trabajadores de Notimex, (SutNotimex) Mexique.
  • Eğitim Sen section de Diyarbakır - Kamu Emekçileri Sendikaları Konfederasyon (Eğitim Sen Diyarbakır/KESK) – Kurdistan.
  • Centrale Générale des Services Publics FGTB, Ville de Bruxelles (CGSP/FGTB Bruxelles) – Belgique.
  • Sindacato Territoriale Autorganizzato, Brescia (ORMA Brescia) - Italie.
  • Sindicato Unificado de Trabajadores de la Educación de Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca (SUTEBA/CTA de los trabajadores Bahia Blanca) - Argentine
  • Sindicato del Petróleo y Gas Privado del Chubut/CGT - Argentine.
  • UCU University and College Union, University of Liverpool (UCU Liverpool) - Angleterre.
  • Sindicato Uno Prodinsa, Maipú – Chili.
  • Asociación Sindical de Educadores de Medellín - Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (ASDEM-CUT) – Colombie.
  • Sindicato de empleados públicos del SENA (SINDESENA) – Colombie.

Courants, tendances ou réseaux syndicaux

  • Transnationals Information Exchange Germany (TIE Germany) - Allemagne.
  • Emancipation tendance intersyndicale (Emancipation) - France.
  • Fronte di lotta No Austerity - Italie.
  • Solidarité Socialiste avec les Travailleurs en Iran (SSTI) - France.
  • Basis Initiative Solidarität (BASO) - Allemagne.
  • LabourNet Germany - Allemagne.
  • Workers Solidarity Action Network (WSAN) - Etats-Unis.
  • United Voices of the World (UVW) - Grande-Bretagne.
  • Unidos pra Lutar - Brésil.
  • Corriente Político Social Sindical 1° de Mayo de Buenos Aires – Argentine.
  • Coordinamento Nazionale Unitario Pensionati di oggi e di domani (CONUP) – Italie.
  • National Association of Human Rights Defenders – Palestine. Red de Trabajadores – Argentine.
  • Coordinadora Sindical de Solidaridad de Cartagena (CSSC) – Colombie.
  • International alliance in support of workers in Iran (IASWI).
  • Congolese Renaissance Movement (CRM) – République démocratique du Congo.
  • Congolese civil society of south Africa (CCSSA) – Afrique du sud.