What does the temporary protection of refugees mean and why Moldova must implement it as soon as possible

Platzforma shares an article on the situation with Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, particularly describing the importance of temporary protection for them - a legal measure that Moldova, unlike EU countries, still hasn't implemented.

Currently, the protection and assistance enjoyed by refugees from Ukraine are provided for an uncertain time and depend entirely on the existence or non-existence of a state of emergency in the Republic of Moldova. The state of emergency was declared on February 24, 2022, after which it was extended three times in April, June, and July, and it will expire (if it's not extended once more) in early October.

Even if they enjoy the right to stay in Moldova and the facilities for various services, the refugees do not know for what period these will be valid, which makes the aid they receive a temporary benefit rather than a right. This makes the situation of refugees very uncertain, and the uncertainty affects all aspects of life – employers are not interested in hiring employees whose stay in the country is uncertain, apartment owners do not want to rent housing to refugees, and so on. Granting refugees from Ukraine temporary protection on the territory of the Republic of Moldova for a period of one year would allow them to plan their stay better, and, more importantly, it will mean individuals will enjoy this protection without having to submit an application or justify the need for it.

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