National identity and ‘Ukrainianisation’

The film ‘Pamfir’ on ideology, culture and (de)colonisation
Yuliia Leites
January 29, 2023
Ukrainian works of literature and history banned as ‘extremist’ in Russian occupied Luhansk oblast
Halya Coynash
January 27, 2023
Ukraine, Right-wing Radicalism, and the War: Frequently Asked Questions
Vyacheslav Lichachev Aljaž Vrabec
January 21, 2023
Ukrainians Demand Their Place in Art History
Lisa Korneichuk
January 18, 2023
We demand the withdrawal of the bill on censorship of scientific sources!
January 2, 2023
Why the cult of Stepan Bandera should be buried
Boris Oglavenko, Dmitro Mrychnyk
January 1, 2023
Ukrainian art still colonized in Western museums
Patrick Le Tréhondat
December 18, 2022
‘People in liberated Kherson are greeting Ukrainian soldiers in Russian’: Hanna Perekhoda on Ukrainian identity, language and Donbas
Hanna Perekhoda Federico Fuentes
November 18, 2022
Roma at war: Romani soldiers defend Ukraine from Russian occupation under the Romani flag
Zdeněk Ryšavý Gwendolyn Albert
November 10, 2022
Ukraine: no chauvinism in language policy!
Sotsialnyi Rukh (Social Movement) Ukraine
October 23, 2022
Ukraine and Its Language in the Political Imagination of the Russian Nation and Empire
Hanna Perekhoda
October 6, 2022
The Politics of Watching: documentary visions of the Ukrainian East
Victoria Donovan Darya Tsymbalyuk
July 14, 2022
Does Ukraine Need Russian Culture to Win the War Against Russia?
Irina Zherebkina
July 1, 2022
Inside the Ukrainian Resistance
Alona Liasheva Denys Pilash
June 24, 2022
Ukrainian identity map in wartime: Thesis-antithesis-synthesis?
Denys Gorbach
June 13, 2022
Ukraine: making a war of liberation
Vladyslav Starodubtsev Tom Harris
June 2, 2022
The Truth About Ukrainian Nationalism and Claims It's Tainted by Nazism
Liza Rozovsky
June 1, 2022
Why do Ukrainian liberals hate the left?
Volodymyr Ishchenko
May 31, 2022
Grieving for Others, Not for Ourselves
Irina Zherebkina ПОСЛЕ МЕДИА
May 28, 2022
Right To Weapons. How Can Leftists Support Ukraine?
Zakhar Popovych
May 20, 2022
Ukraine: Victory And Hate For The Enemy
Zakhar Popovych
May 9, 2022
Self-Determination and the War in Ukraine
Taras Bilous
May 4, 2022
No messing around with nation states
February 24, 2022