The left in Ukraine

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Round table of Ukrainian leftists and feminists working in humanitarian, self-help and fundraising.
Interview with Vladyslav Starodubtsev of Social Movement (Met Nederlandse ondertiteling).
Social Movement Conference, Kyiv September 2022. Delegation reports and interviews
Here are recent video interviews with anticapitalists in the Ukrainian armed forces and territorial defence. For a French version, and for more video interviews with Ukrainian leftists and feminists in more languages check out our YouTube channel.
Debates over the proper approach to the Russo-Ukrainian War have dominated much of the year. Yet discussions within the western left have not always featured the perspectives of Ukrainians and Russians themselves. The Real News Network board member Bill Fletcher, in partnership with Haymarket Books, hosts a panel with Ukrainian and Russian academics.
Ecosocialism 2022 session on "Ukraine, imperialism and the left" on October 25 featuring Denis Pilash (Social Movement - Ukraine) and Sam Wainwright (Socialist Alliance).

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Here are some products, brochures and publications produced by Ukrainian anticapitalists.