2023 campaigns for Boris Kagarlitsky

Free Boris Kagarlitsky! (EN/FR/ES). One of the first petitions, launched by ENSU supporters and other Ukraine solidarity activists. We focus on the repression of anti-war activists since the full-scale invasion, and call for solidarity with anti-war and political prisoners.
Freedom for Boris Kagarlitsky! (EN, FR, ES, IT, DE, SK, РУ/RU) Prepared by Kagarlitsky’s website Rabkor. Includes exaggerated, nationalistic praise for Kagarlitsky. This petition is supported by Russian left groups including Russian Socialist Movement (RSD).
Freedom for Boris Kagarlitsky! (EN) Launched by British activists close to the Stop the War campaign, which ‘regrets’ the Russian invasion but focuses on weakening Western support to Ukraine. Short, factual petition mentioning Kagarlitsky’s opposition to Russian and Western aggression. Calls for release of all anti-war prisoners. Organisers also recommend signing the Rabkor petition.