Events 23-25 February 2023, German campaign against the Linkspartei position, and more



February 21, 2023

Berlin, Germany: The path to the anniversary of Russia´s brutal invasion of Ukraine reveals, in Germany, new hopes of fightback, combined with the most reactionary developments on Ukraine Solidarity and on further social questions, in circles that were once progressive, leftist, feminist or Marxist. Against a background of establishment government support, too late, too slow, for Ukraine, the Linkspartei in Germany has decided to resolve its indecision in a turn towards the nationalism of a wing of its membership, branding itself the „only peace party“ and calling for the effective capitulation of Ukraine, for an end to weapons deliveries and for working with „partners“ like China and India to stop the war (implied, to achieve „compromise“ goals like „land for peace“ annexations). All this has now culminated in a demo call, from arch red-brown figure Wagenknecht, and racist feminist Schwarzer, to a demonstration for German interests: a „peace“ manifesto, for German interests, is so formulated, that, as well as all evasionists and pacifists, it appeals, in hardcore manner, to Nazis, corona deniers and the whole of the German extreme right.

Under these circumstances, it’s vital that we stand with Vitsche, the biggest Ukrainian diaspora organisation here. We are demonstrating with them, with Ukrainians, with indigenous peoples from Russia, and other antiwar activists in the whole post-soviet space; with feminists, anarchists, leftists, anti colonialists - in a leftist bloc on that demo.

In a separate event, we’re inviting people to make banners for this event

On Saturday 25.2, there is a call to demonstrate against the antidemocratic, anti-solidarity and Nazi event mentioned above. On this we are, despite some content criticism, actively supporting the action. We will be flyering at this action, and at the bigger Vitsche festival event the same day.

The most exciting development, is with the Statement we are spreading, against the Linkspartei and these further negative developments on the left (attached, and below):

Support for this is snowballing - coming in, in masses, per Email, phone, personal contact. We’ve received enthusiastic and encouraging comments for this, from Ukrainian friends, from indigenous activists from Russia, from Armenians and Iranians, and more; we´re particularly excited about the large number of support emails we are receiving from Linkspartei members, including elected representatives and people in leading positions, who want to sign - we’ve obviously hit a nerve here!

International signees and supporting organizations also welcome: this has the potential of a major campaign! If you have friends or contacts in Germany, do please pass this on.