Doublespeak of the Irish Anti-War Movement


Barry Walsh

March 2, 2023

Irtish Times, Letters, March 2 2023

Sir, – Marnie Holborrow and Jim Roche of the Irish Anti-War Movement claim that Nato’s explicit aim is to help Ukraine defeat Russia, “even all the way to Moscow for some” (Letters, February 28th).

Can they please identify which Nato state member has even hinted at a full invasion of Russia, let alone openly called for it?

This extraordinary comment is a good example of the position of the Irish hard-left on this conflict and on Russian and Chinese aggression more generally. They give a nod to Ukraine’s sovereignty, but then a wink to Russian propaganda that somehow Ukraine, Nato or the West more generally are morally culpable for the conflict and view it as an opportunity for an all-out assault on Russia. While this double-speak is nothing new, it is somewhat disturbing to witness the naivety of those such as Senator Tom Clonan who seem so eager to buy into it (Letters, February 25th).

The commencement of peace negotiations while Russian troops are present on Ukrainian soil would hand a huge lifeline to Putin, allowing him a route to snatch partial victory from the jaws of defeat.

So why are so many people who profess full support for Ukraine, and horror at Russian actions, tripping over each other to call for such an outcome? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 3.