Urgent Appeal For Medical Aid

Ukraine Solidarity Campaign
September 21, 2023
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The Free Trade Union of Medical Workers of Ukraine is appealing to the trade union movement for urgent aid.

Free Trade Union of Medical Workers of Ukraine – VPMPU are appealing for aid for a hospital in a mining region of Western Ukraine which is facing the severe challenges of the Russian invasion.

The Ukrainian health service was under-resourced before the invasion, staff underpaid, and hospitals starved of necessary investment.  Whilst at the same time the Medical Workers Union has been campaigning to defend the health system against cutting, neoliberal reforms.

Now the pressures on this hospital have increased, there are thousands of internally displaced persons in the city, a large influx of patients, over half of the patients are casualties of the war who need rehabilitation.

Many of these casualties were themselves mineworkers and members of Independent Trade Union of Mineworkers

Ukrainians are paying a heavy price to free their country; the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign appealing for your assistance with this humanitarian aid for the rehabilitation and care of seriously ill casualties of the war.

We publish below the equipment were looking to obtain and will deliver to the hospital in Ukraine.  There are two ways you can assist:

By raising in the Hospital, Trust, or Medical Centre where you work or in your area if they will donate this equipment which we will deliver.

You can donate directly to our medical appeal Crowdfunder which we will use to obtain equipment and transport it to Ukraine.  Medical Workers Appeal

  1. You can contact our campaign directly for further information on the appeal to assist in seeking aid: info@ukrainesolidaritycampaign.org

This appeal is being launched by donation from striking health workers in Bristol, of the GMB union No.8 branch:

When you take on a force that’s bigger and more organized than you, a force that’s used to winning you look for help. To workers that’s instinctive; we call it solidarity. Solidarity is what our trade unions are made of. The wider our solidarity spreads the denser and stronger it becomes.  From the GMB picket lines in Southmead hospital, Bristol to our sister unions in Ukraine: We are proud to help launch this appeal with a donation of £250. Together we fight for workplaces and a world where solidarity has replaced fear and insecurity! GMB NO8 (Bristol Health) Branch, Wales and South-West region.

List of necessary equipment the Medical Workers Union of Ukraine are seeking

  1. Rehabilitation treadmill (INSPORTLINE NEBLIN)
  2. Wooden bars with obstacles
  3. Trainer for restoring walking skills
  4. System of continuous passive movement of joints
    • ankle
    • foot
    • elbow
    • radiocarpal
  5. Ceiling lift
  6. Trainer “Air walk”
  7. MOTOmed
  8. Strength trainer for different muscle groups
  9. Rehabilitation cage
  10. Mechanical simulators for hands and feet
  11. Dynamic verticalizer
  12. Rehabilitation stairs
  13. Orbitrek
  14. Step platform with height adjustment
  15. Rubber balls of different diameters from 3 to 30 cm.
  16. 15a. Bean-shaped ball, 15v. Fitballs with a diameter of 55, 65, 75 cm.

  17. Gymnastic sticks of different hardness and length
  18. Finger rehabilitation simulator
  19. Trainers, ring shaped expanders and with handles
  20. Mats, gymnastic mats
  21. Adaptive devices for dressing up and putting shoes on
  22. Dumbbells 0.5; 1; 2; 3; 4; and 5 kg.
  23. Breathing simulator
  24. Couch 2 x 2 m. and 2 x 2.5 m.
  25. Balancing pillows and platforms, balancing disc
  26. Weights 0.5; 1; 1.5; 2; 3; 4; and 5 kg.
  27. Spirometer, dynamometer
  28. Rehabilitation stool on wheels
  29. Poles for Nordic walking
  30. Steppers
  31. External fixation devices for bone fractures
  32. Arthroscopic méniscal biters
  33. Kirschner Wire Cutter
  34. Electrocoagulator
  35. Ophthalmic tonometer iCare IC100
  36. Straight ophthalmoscope
  37. A set of test spectacle lenses
  38. Interacoustics MT10 impedance audiometer
  39. Parient lift for the seriously ill
  40. Electromyograph
  41. Portable ultrasound device
  42. Operating ceiling lamp
  43. Device for non-invasive lung ventilation SIPAP Infant Flow
  44. Pulse oximeters
  45. Audiometer for newborns
  46. Patient heating system on the operating table
  47. Surgical instruments (clamps, dissectors, scissors, needle holders, tweezers, abdominal and thoracic wound expanders)
  48. Laparoscopic trocars #6, #10, #12
  49. Laparoscopic instruments (dissector, scissors, needle holders, clamps)
  50. Distractor
  51. Portable and celling LED lamp
  52. X-ray transparent hydromechanical operating table
  53. 12-channel ECG
  54. Functional beds
  55. Bedside tables for bedridden patients
  56. A trolley for distributing food to patients in the wards
  57. Bedside chairs-toilets
  58. Monitors for monitoring the heart and respiratory systems of patients
  59. Computer, monitor, laptop, printer, scanner for the trade union office