The country lacks doctors: the medical job market is full of vacancies that no one can fill



September 14, 2023

In April 2023, there were even more vacant doctor positions than before the large-scale invasion. The largest number of job vacancies in this category is traditionally concentrated in the Kyiv region, with 2,570 vacancies. At the same time, this is one of the few regions where there are even fewer vacancies than before the full-scale war. In addition, many jobs for medical personnel are offered in Dnipropetrovsk (610), Lviv (553), Odessa (546) and Kharkiv (341) regions.

Compared to February 2022, the dynamics are strongest in western Ukraine. In some regions, there are two or even three times more vacancies in this category than before the large-scale invasion. But in frontline areas, recovery is underway, albeit at a rather slow pace. Employers also confirm the lack of medical personnel in these regions.

Regarding the military registration of female doctors, we will not have any problem. Almost all our doctors and nurses, without exception, are included in the military register. For women who have not yet signed up for the military, there is until 2026 to do so. We are more concerned about the following question: if female doctors begin to be mobilized into the ranks of the armed forces, then a serious problem will actually arise and the shortage of personnel will worsen even more, or this will lead to the fact that we not be able to provide quality medical services to the population due to lack of personnel.

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