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Vitaliy Dudin

March 13, 2024

Who owes Ukrainian workers the most?

The National Labor Service of Ukraine has published data from the register of debtors on wages. Since the start of the large-scale invasion, corresponding statistics have not been published. In my opinion, this is an inappropriate and irresponsible step, because hiding the problem clearly does not help solve it. Here is the data on the 10 most problematic employers.


What conclusions do you draw from this?

  1. The main offenders are state-owned industrial facilities that could bolster defense capabilities. Unfortunately, the government does not give them enough orders for them to fully exploit their potential.
  2. Wage arrears are measured in billions, and only the top ten debtors have not paid 1.8 billion UAH [430,000 euros]. Among them, there is only one bankrupt company - the Kharkiv National Air Transport Company.

The situation is not desperate. It allows unions to prove themselves by showing their ability to pressure the government to repay debts and pass laws that will strengthen guarantees of on-time payment.

Fight and you will win!