FAR statement on the military coup and the situation in the country

Feminist Anti-War Resistance (London)
June 24, 2023

Right now, an armed rebellion is going on in our country, organized by Yevgeny Prigozhin and the Wagner Group. The administrations and military facilities of several cities were seized, tanks and military personnel of both the Wagner PMC and the Russian Ministry of Defense were on the streets, and a counter-terrorist operation regime was introduced in several regions.

We want to speak openly: the day Putin and his government sent troops into Ukraine, they put Russia at risk of economic disaster, civil war and the rise of a military junta. Now these threats are rapidly becoming a reality — that's the result of the invasion of foreign lands and the numerous crimes of the Putin regime. The uprising of the Wagner Group is an escalation of violence, a direct threat to millions of civilians in the Russian Federation, especially women and children. We remind you that the "fighters" of Wagner Group now consist for the most part of mercenaries, former prisoners, many of whom were injailed for killing women, for domestic violence against them. As a political movement that cares about the future of our country, we cannot support any side in the current internal political conflict. We stand for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, the arrest of war criminals (including Putin and Prigozhin) and the democratic development of Russia. Not for the coming to power of another dictator and war criminal.