Demanding "planes, guns and tanks", as quickly as possible for Ukraine, is an anti-imperialist position


Vincent Présumey

July 22, 2023

I think Zbigniew is right that this subject is taking on unnecessary proportions among Western activists. But there is a reason for this. This question forces us to be more precise about the need to supply arms to Ukraine than the fair but too general formula of “support for the armed and unarmed Ukrainian resistance”. Some comrades would like us to condemn these supplies as a trap set by Biden. But the trap does not begin with these supplies. It begins with the non-delivery of the F16s, and in general with the deliberate under-armament of Ukraine in order to save the Russian regime and impose “negotiations”. So demanding "planes, guns and tanks", unconditionally, debt-free, transparently, and as quickly as possible for Ukraine, is an anti-imperialist, anti-NATO, internationalist position, and there is no other. If you don't fight openly for that, and you suddenly have feelings about this or that type of weapon, you're falling into a trap. On the other hand, if we really campaigned openly for this, we could also more easily criticise this or that choice of US or Ukrainian weaponry if necessary. But this would also lead to a more pronounced confrontation with the open campists and the campists disguised as pacifists or neutralists, a confrontation which is inevitable in any case and which must lead to a recomposition of the whole Left.