Boris Kagarlitsky* sentenced to 5 years: “We just need to get through this dark period for the country”



February 14, 2024

The Court of Appeal increased the sentence of left-wing politician and sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky from a fine to 5 years in prison. At the same time, a fine of 609 thousand rubles has already been paid.

According to the decision, Kagarlitsky will be taken into custody in the courtroom and sent to pre-trial detention center No. 12 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in Moscow. Boris Yulievich himself is not discouraged : “I am sure that everything will be very good. And we will see you again both on the channel and in freedom. We just need to live a little and get through this dark period for our country.”

The case of Boris Kagarlitsky is a mockery of justice. This is also a slap at the thousands of people who expressed their solidarity with him: they wrote letters, made broadcasts, put up posters. As soon as this becomes possible, our editors will publish new ways to support Boris Yulievich.

Freedom for Boris Kagarlitsky! Freedom to all political prisoners!

* recognized as a foreign agent