Harald Etzbach

Renate Hürtgen has published in neues deutschland an explicit article worth reading about the dilemmas and the failure of much of the German left in the face of the Russian offensive war against Ukraine.

"One could have assumed that those who were so wrong in their assessment of the aggressor would put all their effort into correcting them." However, in order to actually trace the causes of the war, it would have been compelling to take a closer look at Russia's domestic and intra-social developments and ask the question: What is Putin really up to? incited this insanely presumptive attack war? You do not have to have the knowledge of historians trained by Karl Marx to understand the importance of the internal politics of a state for its foreign policy. But why were the economic and social state of Russian society and Putin's political interests ignored in a remarkable number of analyses? Isn't it possible to identify Putin as the only head of state with a real interest in this war? And he, because Russia's economic and social constitution is similar to that of a country like Brazil, only with the violent conquest of foreign territories, thinks he can assert his grand power ideas? "