This new page offers progressive perspectives on the wider geopolitical implications of the resurgence of Russian imperialism. Lower down on this page is a selection of articles on issues specifically relating to the NATO alliance and western imperialism.

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The following section presents a discussion on the role of the NATO alliance from a military and strategic perspective.

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Ukrainians have shown extraordinary heroism and resilience in pushing back the imperialism Russian invasion. But are Ukraine’s successes on the battlefield at risk of being undermined by the government’s economic policy on the ‘home front’? In our latest podcast Alena Ivanova and Luke Cooper discuss the country’s economic future and the risks ahead with Yuliya Yurchenko, senior lecturer in political economy at Greenwich University and author of Ukraine and The Empire of Capital: from Marketisation to Armed Conflict (Pluto, 2018).

The attitude of the western left towards the involvement of NATO and western imperialism is discussed below, and covered in more detail on our page The western left and Russian imperialism.

Does the left understand Russian imperialism? (English texts)
La gauche comprend-elle l'impérialisme russe ? (en français)
Versteht die Linke den russischen Imperialismus? (auf Deutsch)
Begrijpt links het Russische imperialisme? (in het Nederlands)
¿Comprende la izquierda el imperialismo ruso? (en castellano, catala)
Será que a esquerda ocidental compreende o imperialismo russo? (en portugués)
La sinistra comprende l'imperialismo russo? (en italiano)
Chápe západní levice ruský imperialismus? (v češtine a slovenčine)
Καταλαβαίνει η δυτική αριστερά τον ρωσικό ιμπεριαλισμό; (στα ελληνικά)
Чи розуміють західні ліві російський імперіалізм? (українською та російською мовами)
Does the western left understand (other languages)