Feminist groups in Ukraine

There are several feminist groups and organisations in Ukraine you might be interested in:

Feminist Workshop (Феміністична майстерня)

Organisation working in Lviv and its region, working with refugees and older women

Video (in English) on their work: https://youtu.be/ha3sEEWuL34

Facebook : @feministworkshop

Instagram : @femworkshop

Sphere (Сфера) feminist and LBT organisation

Working with Kharkiv region, mental health support, delivering aid to women (including those who suffered from sexual violence)


Independent intersectional and inclusive feminist initiative based in Kharkiv:

Raising funds for food and basic groceries, transportation of food and humanitarian aid from Poland/ Warsaw, transportation of women and mothers to their families, assistance in finding housing and shelter, providing humanitarian assistance to those who cannot leave. Need funding for transportation and fuel. Provision of medical care: we need funds for medicine, bandages, bonds. Women who wait in queues at the border crossing with Poland need basic necessities and food.

Payment details: Поповнення за реквізитами Отримувач: Долгополова Дар'я Андріївна IBAN: UA903220010000026208309454671 ІПН/ЄДРПОУ: 3638803064 Призначення платежу: Поповнення рахунку

Other initiatives

We are currently updating this section; we hope to add more information and more contacts soon.

Entretien avec des militantes feministes : Anastasia Yurchenko et Knesia Termasina de Feminist Workshop ainsi que Yana Wolf du groupe Bilkis / Інтерв’ю з феміністськими активістками: Анастасією Юрченко та Кнесею Термасіною з Feminist Workshop, а також Яною Вольф з групи Bilkis
Ukraine Solidarity Campaign recently hosted a Women’s Forum with a range of speakers from Ukraine.  Published here is a video of this important event of Voices from the Warzone.