Does the left understand Russian imperialism? (English texts)

Howie Hawkins (Ukraine Solidarity Network US): ‘ The anti-imperialist position is to support the national liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people’
Howie Hawkins Federico Fuentes
January 28, 2023
USA: Making sense of the Ukraine war
Eric Draitser
January 27, 2023
Russia and South Africa: the oppressors make a deal
Bob Myers
January 26, 2023
USA: What are the Lessons of Vietnam for Ukraine Today?
Stephen R. Shalom Dan La Botz
January 23, 2023
Canada: Our key antiwar target: the Kremlin, or NATO? A conversation with a friend
Richard Fidler
January 23, 2023
Ukraine war: Sub-Imperialist positioning, not “anti-colonial consciousness,” behind the neutrality of reactionary elites in the Global South
Michael Karadjis
January 13, 2023
USA: Ukraine Aid and Anti-Imperialism
John Carl Baker
January 12, 2023
Why we won’t march with Stop the War on 25 February
Dan Katz
January 11, 2023
Czechia: Why I won’t sign the Peace and Justice petition…
Antonín Hořčica
January 11, 2023
The Japanese Left Responds to the Russo-Ukrainian War
Shaun O’Dwyer
January 10, 2023
Czechia: the peace movement could do much better than this
Ondřej Slačálek.
January 10, 2023
Razem: Building a left alternative in Poland
Federico Fuentes Zofia Malisz
January 10, 2023
Labour Must Help Ukraine Win The War
Christopher Ford
January 7, 2023
[Book Review] Ukraine: Voices of Resistance and Solidarity
Richard Abernethy
January 4, 2023
War and Resistance Report Number 10
Marko Bojcun
January 3, 2023
Medea Benjamin, the pro-Putin “left” and the far right in America
John Reimann
January 2, 2023
DSA and Russia’s War on Ukraine: Toward a Mass Movement of Solidarity with Ukraine
December 26, 2022
Multipolarity, the Mantra of Authoritarianism
Kavita Krishnan
December 23, 2022
Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict in Ukraine?
David Finkel
December 23, 2022
Ukraine and the Crisis of the Italian Left
Fabrizio Burattini
December 22, 2022
USA: Their Anti-Imperialism and Ours
Linda Mann
December 16, 2022
Our Criticism and protest against Anti-American and Pro-Russian Campist Rhetoric
Aleksandra/ Russian citizen in Korea
December 14, 2022
Changing My Mind On Ukraine
John Feffer
December 7, 2022
Ukraine Now Holds a Strong Edge Over Russia
John Feffer
November 24, 2022
Is it easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of Putin?
Bruno Cava Giuseppe Cocco
November 23, 2022
‘People in liberated Kherson are greeting Ukrainian soldiers in Russian’: Hanna Perekhoda on Ukrainian identity, language and Donbas
Hanna Perekhoda Federico Fuentes
November 18, 2022
How Russia’s loyal ‘opposition’ parties support the war against Ukraine
Simon Pirani
November 17, 2022
Nonsense about Ukraine peace talks
Jim Denham
November 16, 2022
Q&A: Navigating the Left’s Ukraine Debate
Bill Fletcher, Jr. Elly Leary
November 15, 2022
Left positions on Ukraine's accession to the EU
Olena Slobodian
November 11, 2022
Jill Stein : Fake Anti-War Activist, Apologist for Russia’s Imperialist Invasion of Russia – Green Party (USA) Split Down the Middle
Mary Scully
November 11, 2022
Ukraine inside us: the Italian left at the crossroads
Francesco Brusa
November 11, 2022
Sinn Féin 2022 Árd Fheis Policy on the Russian invasion of Ukraine – “Immediate Withdrawal of all Russian armed forces”
Tomás Ó Flatharta
November 7, 2022
The American Left and Ukraine
Dan La Botz
October 26, 2022
To help win peace, anti-war activists should support military aid for Ukraine
Federico Fuentes
October 21, 2022
Moving towards the peace rally on 5 November
Francesco Brusa
October 20, 2022
UK: Paul Mason is wrong, but less wrong than Nick Wright
Jim Denham
October 19, 2022
Nobel Peace prize: scandal, half-truths and hypocrisy
Jan Czajkowski
October 18, 2022
Ukraine Zindabad! Ukraine ki janta Zindabad!
Kavita Krishnan
October 16, 2022
Solidarity-based anti-imperialism or hypocritical pacifism
Christian Zeller
October 13, 2022
USA: @DemocracyNow & @CodePink demand Biden make Ukraine surrender territory to Russia
Clay Claiborne
October 12, 2022
Ukraine: Divisions Among The Left
Achin Vanaik
October 11, 2022
A betrayal of Ukraine and the Left
Anthony Barnett
October 11, 2022
UK: Andrew Murray, Stop the War Coalition, “The British government, for its own selfish imperialist interests, wishes to continue bleeding Russia and selling arms, regardless of the price Ukraine itself pays.”
Tendance Coatesy
October 10, 2022
As International Solidarity with Ukraine Grows, the Last Stand of Campism.
Tendance Coatesy
October 8, 2022
»This so-called pacifism is a petty-bourgeois ideology«
Vasyl Cherepanyn Fabian Bechtle Leon Kahane
October 6, 2022
Walking a Tightrope on Ukraine: How India Is Balancing Ties to Russia & United States
Amy Goodman Nermeen Shaikh Kavita Krishnan
October 6, 2022
Remembrance done wrong. Patriotic narratives, Left-wing history and constructed imageries of Ukrainian national remembrance policies
Vladislav Starodubtsev
October 6, 2022
More Arms, Support Urged for Zelensky’s Ukraine at UK Labour Party Conference
Tony Leliw
October 4, 2022
International solidarity. How foreign leftists are helping Ukraine in the war
Vladyslav Starodubtsev Zofia Malisz Adam Novak Elisa Moros Chris Ford Mick Antoniw
October 4, 2022
Questions about Ukraine
Daria Saburova
October 3, 2022
Putin accuses the West of ‘Satanism’ to justify Russia’s colonial theft of 15 percent of Ukraine
Michael Karadjis
October 2, 2022
Ukraine: How the Anti-war Camp Went Intellectually Bankrupt
James Kirchick
September 29, 2022
Ukraine: bogus ‘anti-imperialism’ serves the Kremlin
Simon Pirani
September 28, 2022
Putin’s Invasion in Ukraine, or the Broken Identity of the Italian Left
Elisabetta Michielin Pietro Maestri Francesco Brusa
September 21, 2022
Germany’s Die Linke on verge of split over sanctions on Russia
Philip Oltermann
September 19, 2022
Positions of the global left over the abyss of imperialist escalation
Vitold Vasiletskyi
September 6, 2022
DSA Discusses Ukraine—Without an International Socialist Perspective
Dan La Botz
August 31, 2022
“Don’t exaggerate the influence of Russian propaganda” Ukrainian socialist Taras Bilous serves in the military - and right from there he fights the stereotypes of the Western left about Ukraine (and Russia). We spoke to him
Taras Bilous
August 24, 2022
Ukraine: To undermine NATO retrenchment, the left must fight to win the peace.
Ali Khan
August 21, 2022
The International’s Black Painting of Ukraine
Jan Czajkowski Friends of Socialist Politics
August 11, 2022
Swedish Left’s Perspectives on the War in Ukraine
Volodya Vagner
August 9, 2022
Has Zelensky sold off Ukraine’s agriculture to US multinationals?
Bob Pitt
August 8, 2022
Eastern Europe’s Tragedy
Taras Bilous
August 3, 2022
Ukraine: Censorship and self-censorship in time of war
Matt Salusbury
August 1, 2022
Ukrainian Feminist: We Need Western Solidarity in Fighting Russian Imperialism
Amy Goodman Oksana Dutchak Nermeen Shaikh
July 28, 2022
Bad Russia, but the West is to blame. The Polish left did not get into it
Dariusz Kałan
July 23, 2022
Ukraine, the feminist struggle does not stop with war
Viktoriia Pihul
July 20, 2022
NATO expansion in the East
Hanna Perekhoda
July 17, 2022
Russian socialist Ilya Matveev: ‘Putin’s war on Ukraine is not about security, it is about imperialist interests’
Ilya Matveev Federico Fuentes
July 17, 2022
DSA must change course, oppose Russian conquest, and support Ukraine’s right to resist!
Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign and European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine
July 16, 2022
Putin’s Captives
Andrei Kolesnikov
July 15, 2022
The hidden claims of some western left about the war in Ukraine
Oksana Dutchak
July 13, 2022
USA: Diplomacy instead of resistance? Chomsky loses his bearings on Ukraine
Dick Nichols
June 30, 2022
'Russia needs to be defeated': Russian socialists in exile say Putin has to be defeated in Ukraine
Charles R. Davis
June 28, 2022
Why is Ukrainian resistance invisible to you?
Simon Pirani
June 27, 2022
Inside the Ukrainian Resistance
Alona Liasheva Denys Pilash
June 24, 2022
Support the Ukrainian people in their resistance against the war!
Tassos Anastassiadis
June 9, 2022
Russia: Unafraid to Be Called a “National Traitor”
Andrei Movchan
June 8, 2022
Lewica o Ukrainie
Ekskursje W Dyskursie
June 3, 2022
Solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance!
Ashley Smith
June 3, 2022
Ukraine: making a war of liberation
Vladyslav Starodubtsev Tom Harris
June 2, 2022
Interview with the Russian Socialist Movement: The Revolutionary Left in Russia on the Resistance behind Putin's Front
RSD João Woyzeck
June 2, 2022
Our (mostly failed) predictions about this war
Volodia Artiukh
May 30, 2022
The War in Ukraine, International Security, and the Left
Taras Bilous
May 24, 2022
From Taiwan to Ukraine
Wen Liu Brian Hioe
May 24, 2022
Putin’s conquest of southeast Ukraine: Vexed questions of ‘negotiations’, gotcha moments and real imperial interests
Michael Karadjis
May 22, 2022
Right To Weapons. How Can Leftists Support Ukraine?
Zakhar Popovych
May 20, 2022
Olivier Besancenot: “A form of political paralysis is affecting the French left over the war in Ukraine”
Olivier Besancenot Laurent Geslin Mathilde Goanec
May 11, 2022
USA: When should we stop excusing the Russian invasion?
Bill Fletcher Jr. Bill Gallegos Jamala Rogers
May 11, 2022
Ukrainian Feminists under Western Eyes
Elisa Moros
May 9, 2022
The Putinist Left, its monstrosities and the Ukrainian national question
Yorgos Mitralias
May 4, 2022
Self-Determination and the War in Ukraine
Taras Bilous
May 4, 2022
The red-brown influencers now boosting the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement
Dale Street
May 2, 2022
The Ukrainian Pacifist Movement
Dale Street
April 25, 2022
The greatest source of misinformation on Ukraine
Theo Horesh
March 21, 2022
The American Pundits Who Can’t Resist “Westsplaining” Ukraine
Jan Smoleński Jan Dutkiewicz
March 4, 2022
On Putin’s “Leftism” and Solidarity with Russians
Ilya Matveev
September 27, 2015
Does the western left understand Russian imperialism?
The Progressive Letter on Ukraine: Some Questions & Answers
Stephen R. Shalom
Immediate withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine. Stand up against all imperialisms
Meet the Sneakiest Defenders of Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine
Mathew Foresta
When Putin Refutes the “Theories” of His Western Leftist Fans!
Open letter: Refusing to support Ukraine is grotesque
Christian Zeller
Evasions on the Left over Ukraine
Conor Kostick
NO to NATO, or the identity crisis of the Spanish left
Elisa Moros
Harsh Critique of Chomsky on Ukraine
HELLER Stanley