NATO expansion in the East

Yes. The West is responsible for the war in Ukraine.

But is it responsible because of the « NATO expansion in the East » ? Or because of the « constant humiliation of Russia » that do not exist elsewhere than in the mind of those who are desperately trying to put the reality in the Procrustean bed of their theoretical schemas? No, it's responsible because it fed the monster and raised him in the complete impunity. Russia destroyed Chechnya in a barbaric colonial war killing a half of the total population of the country. It bombed civilians in Syria, it annexed territories in Georgia and Ukraine, it repressed the democratic political mouvements in all the neighboring countries. It killed and imprisoned its political opponents without even hiding it. And the West still did their business as usual, buying gaz and oil, giving in return all the necessary commodities for the Russian elites and their families. Worse than that, it is still continuing to do exactly the same thing. Buying gaz and oil. Giving Russian oligarchs all the the necessary time and items to hide better their money. And yes, they are all extremely embarrassed by the Ukrainian resistance. If there were no Ukrainians who are fighting, it would be a perfect solution for the West and for Putin.

The left has a big opportunity to make this criminal complicity a public issue, to denunciate it, to propose viable mechanisms to stop this war and prevent the futur wars.

There is so much you can do now.

You can insist on the fact that the right-wing forces which want to increase the military budgets of European countries are the same people who do not want to send weapons to Ukrainians who defend themselves. That these are exactly the same people who made possible this war which threatens European security. That they made it possible by protecting Russian interests and providing Russians with all the necessary tools to avoid sanctions.

You can demand the adoption of strict regulations on the trade of natural ressources and raw materials.You can demand an embargo on Russian gas and oil and propose a real plan to launch an energy transition program. We need it to put an end to our dependence on hydrocarbons, to put also and end to all these political excesses that result from this dependence. We need it simply because otherwise there will be 500 millions of refugees in fucking 20 years because these people will find themselves in places that are facing deadly heat or going underwater. I mean.

You can demand to introduce the laws that will prevent the capital flight to tax havens and offshores.

You can do so much things now. And all you do is writing fucking articles where you are fantasizing about how the Russian invasion in Ukraine will weaken NATO and solve the problems you are not capable to solve because you forgot how to do something other than writing manifestos on your personal blogs.