Jill Stein : Fake Anti-War Activist, Apologist for Russia’s Imperialist Invasion of Russia – Green Party (USA) Split Down the Middle

Jill Stein has form. Mary Scully, an Irish-American activist and blogger, explains below.

The Green Party (USA) is split down the middle on this issue.

This party’s 2020 Presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins, endorses the policy of the European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine (ENSU) and its Irish supporter Irish Left With Ukraine (ILWU).

Here is an extract from a Howie Hawkins post dated March 2022 :

“People are not going to respond to a call for no US war with Russia when they plainly can see that the shooting war is Russia’s assault on Ukraine. If we are not clear that we oppose Russia’s aggressive war in Ukraine, we won’t be able to get a public hearing about opposing the expansion of NATO to Russia’s doorstep as a precipitating factor in this war, as well as opposing the many “low-intensity” and economic wars that the US and NATO are fighting around the world.”
“I would like to suggest some more particular demands we should make and actions we should take under these two slogans of Russian Troops Out and No NATO expansion.”

Russian Troops Out:

“We should be directly support of Ukrainian and Russian peace activists, democracy activists, and social and environmental movement activists.”
“Expressions of solidarity by us in social media will be heard by them and encourage them. This solidarity is especially needed by Russian anti-war protesters who are snatched off the street and sent to jail as soon as they appear.”
“Environmental activists in Russia will tell you that the two Green parties are state-sponsored Putinist fronts. But the Russian Socialist Movement is an eco-socialist party speaking out against the war: http://anticapitalist.ru/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/russocmovement/. You can translate their Russian into English using Google Translate.”


Jill Stein Promotes Ignorant Rubbish : “CIA Disinformation Is Driving Russia’s War Against Ukraine”

Jill Stein, the twice former presidential candidate of the Green Party, is tweeting that ‘CIA disinformation is driving Russia’s war against Ukraine’. She makes no mention whatsoever of Russian bombing & ground troops in Ukraine. Just like she tacitly supported the Russian intervention in Syria to support the Assad dictatorship.

Stein is photographed here on December 15, 2015 at a banquet in Moscow honoring Russian propaganda media RT, wholly owned by the Kremlin, for ten years of operation. Her table mates include Putin & several of his advisors. Apparently she has no problem with Russian disinformation since RT has been one of the chief media sources promoting Assad’s counterrevolution against the Syrian Arab Spring & defending Russian bombing in Syria which began in September 2015.

Stein claimed she went to the RT banquet to talk peace with the Russians but did she really think honoring a Russian war propaganda news house was the best way to achieve that? She claims she never spoke to Putin or his advisors so who was she going to talk peace with? Did she think she was so persuasive that she could talk Putin down from bombing the hell out of Syrians using cluster bombs, incendiary weapons, barrel bombs, chemical weapons, air-dropped explosive weapons?

Or is Jill Stein one of those ‘antiwar’ types whose principles are so blunted that they only oppose US military operations & not militarism in general? That thinks it’s okay to carpet bomb Ukrainians & Syrians to rout CIA operatives? Was it okay then to bomb Iraqis, Yemenis, Libyans, Somalis because the CIA was involved in those countries also?