New independent grassroots union founded in Lviv

The facebook page of the Sotsialnyi Rukh (Social Movement informs :

Official institutions and hospital management are paying less and less attention to the plight of health care workers. Due to rising travel costs, inflation and rising food prices, the salaries of doctors and nurses, increased in 2021, are again barely sufficient to cover basic needs.

All health professionals in the country fully understand the temporary difficulties and continue to serve in hospitals and perform their duties conscientiously. However, there are managers who allow themselves not to pay their work money for 3 months.

This is what happened in Lviv, in maternity ward 3 of the Lviv City Hospital. The nurses asked for help from their trade union, which did not want to take the workers' side and defend their basic right to receive their wages on time. The workers appealed to the state regulatory authorities and received their wages.

The manager and the administration, deciding to oppress the workforce, started changing the working hours to break the workers and force them to resign.

The employees have created their own independent union and have already started the process of a new collective agreement, which should be worked out by all the existing unions with the administration.

The Social Movement strongly supports the workers' thirst for justice and their fearlessness to enter into a labour dispute with the management, defending their constitutional rights, and calls on all workers in Ukraine to take note of this situation!