Ukraine is not Russia!

September 30, 2022

Vesna statement on the annexation of Ukraine's occupied territories to Russia.

Putin has just signed treaties on the accession of the "LPR", "DPR" and the occupied parts of Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions to Russia. The decision was taken following pseudo-referendums held there between 23 and 26 September.

"Voting" in the occupied territories, as in Crimea, was held literally at gunpoint of the occupation army. Its results - between 87% and 99% "for" - were obviously rigged, and the procedure for conducting them violated both Ukrainian and Russian law.

We do not recognise the results of pseudo-referendums and consider the war a crime - both against Ukraine and Russia. Vesna stands for the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of both countries, peace, diplomacy and democracy.

Our country does not need new territories. It needs federalisation and liberal reforms which will establish the rule of law in Russia. We need to develop medicine, education and invest in human capital. Not engage in murder and terror.

That is what we will fight for. Peace to Ukraine! For Russia, freedom!