Refusing to teach how to kill by drone

This is the story we received from the Far East. We publish it in full - and thank the subscriber for her principled stance!

“Hello. I work as a drone operator, and also teach at the training centre, where people are trained to be drone operators.

“I sincerely hoped that due to recent events in Ukraine I would not have to teach drone piloting to those who go there to participate in hostilities on behalf of the Russian Federation, I am a peaceful person, it is important to me that my relatives live in peace and safety. Today I was told that it was necessary to ‘unofficially’ train a group of up to 5 people to pilot UAVs to operate in the war zone. I said that I understood nothing about operational training and would not train them because I was against special operations. I had said so many times at work.

“The supervisor said it was part of my duties. In response I have submitted an application to refuse to combine my main job with teaching (according to the additional agreement to the contract I have the right to refuse it 3 days in advance). At first the supervisor of the educational centre refused to approve the application, but then the secretary registered it after all. Tomorrow I will have a serious conversation with my boss.

“I work in a small town. I often hear people, including many colleagues, supporting Russia's actions in Ukraine, saying that sanctions are nothing, we will produce everything ourselves. It is unbearable to listen to this horror. But to teach those who are going to point drones at artillery is like a nightmare.

“Please remain anonymous, if it makes sense, please post it. If it's interesting or important, I'll share a continuation of the story later. Not everyone in small towns and in the Far Eastern Federal District supports the special operation. And not everyone believes the gibberish on television.”

FAS reminder: A reminder that if you are harassed at work because of your anti-war stance, if you are ready to resist - write to our comrades at the Anti-war Foundation. They will advise and support you anonymously and free of charge.