More than 13,000 military personnel from Buryatia may be at war in Ukraine


Feminist Anti-War Resistance/FAS

November 20, 2022 has come to this conclusion based on data from the publication of regional authorities on Vkontakte, which said that 13,500 New Year gifts with the inscription "To defenders of the Motherland from Buryatia with love" will be sent to the military. Of those, 100 will go to soldiers who are hospitalized.

Buryatia is among the leaders among the regions in terms of confirmed losses of servicemen in the war in Ukraine. According to Svobodnaya Buryatiya's analytical department, by November 13, 420 military personnel who were born, lived or served in Buryatia, including 186 of Buryat nationality from Buryatia, Irkutsk Region and Trans-Baikal Territory, had died in Ukraine.

We invite you to read our June interview ( with Aleksandra Garmazhapova, co-founder of the Free Buryatia Foundation ( The editorial staff of Zhenshaya Pravda talked with Aleksandra about where the myth about Buryats as "the main defenders of the Russian world" comes from and how democracy in her republic will change the life of the whole country.

“We are against war with Ukraine. We are for the people of Buryatia to find a decent occupation in the republic instead of going to kill other people. They are being thrown as "cannon fodder" because the government has no compassion for them. <...> Why are there so many Buryats in the army? Because of poverty. Why is there poverty in Buryatia, which is the 9th largest gold producer in Russia? Because there is no real federation - the centre drains all the resources from the region, and young guys are forced to serve under contract.”